Monday, December 13, 2010

More Ugliness on Eastern Livestock Meltdown

It always seems to come back and bite the little guy.


Anonymous said...

The Eastern Livestock Meltdown is SCARY!!!! How many other cattle buyers are just one bad deal away from a similar meltdown? We have no way of knowing, whether we are selling direct or at an auction, if the check we receive will be good. I guess considering what happened here in the Northwest several years ago with a seed company it really isn't just the cattle industry but pretty much all commodities that we sell on trust and hope the check will clear when we deposit it in our account. That 's the nature of farming and ranching.

Hilltop Farmwife

threecollie said...

Hilltop Farmwife, you are so right...who needs to go to a casino when they can farm for a living.