Thursday, December 30, 2010


It is warm enough to shed all jackets and sunny. Been out doing small animal chores and feeding stuff with no hat, no gloves, just soaking up the sun. Thank you to all our friends to the west for sending us this wonderful weather!


Jan said...

The exchange for needed rain was a good deal for us.

joated said...

Strange weather pattern we're experiencing, isn't it?

Enjoy it while we can, is my new motto.

Terry just got back from going down the hill to Wally World. It was 35 degrees but down there it was 14 degrees. Sunny as all get out, however. I'll take that!

lisa said...

Isn't it just great, had jury duty and didn't even have to have a coat!

Cathy said...

Global warming! We're all gonna die!!!


threecollie said...

Jan, glad you got some!

Joated, it is, and I do. Had to stand out and hold some heifers while the boss cleaned their pen and it wasn't bad at all. Sure could have been a lot worse.

Lisa, looks like that is what I will be doing next month. Oh, well

Cathy lol, prolly

DayPhoto said...

We are stuck here...still cold, still trying to snow...too cold, no sun...sigh.

Good for you! Enjoy while you can! It helps make winter more enjoyable.


threecollie said...

Linda, we are so grateful for the prolonged moderate weather. It takes some of the edge off