Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Stills....Pets

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Notice the hard working border collie staring at his prey... lots of eye. Below find the prey. Nothing like a dog that works cats.

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Lori Skoog said...

They all just get along, don't they?
I have not figured out how to do a collage it hard?

Jinglebob said...

Lot's of eye! Makes me miss my old Jay dog. He was sticky as molasses when he walked up.

Cathy said...

I'm running my laptop over to the kitchen table where Keith is cursing silently under his breath as he attempts to Christmas shop on his computer.

He needs a smile.

These pictures are just the ticket :0)

colleen said...

When no livestock is around cats will do in a pinch! Great pets!

June said...

I love herding dogs and that eye.
Marly used to be able to keep the poodles right in line without a sound.

Ed said...

Great shots..:-)

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I our house,Bella our cat, herds Maggie Mae!!

Linda said...

Good eye! Cat's are always on the agenda to stalk around here too.

Anonymous said...

cats are better than killdeer
- Bill

lisa said...

Ok, where is Simon and how is he doing? I loved the way you did the collage!

Regular Guy said...

Nice collage, our Bailey keeps the cat in shape too.

June said...

Is Sprakers near you?

threecollie said...

Lori, I wish it were so. Alas, he works them because he wants to ruffle them up a bit at worst...he wants to do his worst.

JB, lol, his mama was that kind of sticky. Ridiculous amount of eye, but she would work halfway decent once you got her moving. In this case I am standing right beside him (if you look close at the left center photo, you can see that sneaky little eye glancing over at me to see if he can get away with anything) and telling him to stand. He wants to go eat them thar cats asap. He is really a pretty forward dog himself, but just a devil with cats. lol

Cathy, I hope it helped. How is Keith doing now? I haven't thought to ask how his recovery was coming along.

Colleen, thanks, he loves to bomb and ruffle and munch on cats. We have an endless war over it. lol

June, they are so cool! My old Mike spent all his dog obedience classes embarrassing me by trying to herd a little schnauzer. He was always heeling around beside me backwards, trying to eye that little dog. He showed em at the end though. Out on the floor alone, with no schnauzers to deflect his attention, he won the class. lol

Ed, thanks, really fun challenge

dibear, thanks, that must be really funny!

Linda, I miss MIke. He protected the cats from Nick's depredations

Bill, that must be hilarious. I laughed right out loud envisioning it in my mind.

LIsa, Simon is good. Lost some of that twenty pounds and minds me very well. I enjoy his silly old self. thanks on the collage. I had so many pics and didn't want to leave any out. lol

RG, lol, Nick considers them to be an inexpensive form of fluffy luncheon meat. He has yet to actually hurt one, but I have to watch him very closely.

June, it is! Right down the road. I have no idea whose dog that might be, but I will have the boss ask around his friends. I wonder if it is the same one that is now up at the Ames Animal Shelter in Sprakers...we actually thought about going up and adopting that one. He looks just like MIke.

DayPhoto said...

Dogs and cats are just so much family! And I don't think a human family is much without both dogs and cats!

Great post, by the way!


Marianne said...

My Aussie Riley is terrified of the cats. He's not after them, it's just if they get too close, it scares the heck out of him and he jumps at them. He will do anything caninely possible to go around the cats, but the newest kitten can't help but torment him. My husband says "they'll work it out" but I always worry Riley might get a bite out of one of our furry friends.

Enjoy your pictures, especially the kitties all snuggled up in one of your recent posts.

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, I so agree. I can't imagine life without them!

Marianne, thanks for visiting and for taking time to comment. I much enjoyed my visit to your blog as well. What lovely sheep!
Thanks for your kind words! I guess I would worry about the kitty too. Nick has never hurt a cat, but I watch him real closely.