Friday, December 24, 2010

This is Just Cool

But probably wouldn't surprise most border collie owners. Ours have all been so intuitive and observant of our actions that they never cease to astonish us.

The world's most extensive animal vocabulary belongs to a border collie. (This kind of "research" has got to be fun. Around here we call it "playing with the dog.")

Nick's favorite commands by the way are "all right" and "eat your food". (I suspect he would also love to hear, "get the kitty", someday, but that is not likely to happen.


Rev. Paul said...

Border collies are wonderful friends that just happen to be canine. I wouldn't mind having another one, myself, but where we are now is not dog-appropriate. Maybe someday ...

Linda said...

Amazing critter's are our border collies. Notshy has a bucket of toys and knows all of them by name. She's like the "get the cat" command too.

Jan said...

When my Poodles read this, they demanded equal testing.

Anonymous said...

This just proves that our Sugar is part border collie. I've never had a dog before that, like Linda's, has a basket of toys and will search them out by name. Then again, my previous dog, a black lab, would put them away, which Sugar only does when she feels like it.

We watched all 10 minutes of the video, which got a little boring, but even Chaser thought so. I could hear her saying, "c'mon, Papa, just throw the blue ball."

Thanks for posting this. Merry Christmas to all on the other side of the river!

June said...

My poodles did not demand equal testing. They wanted to know if the dog could write.

My dear departed Marly, Australian kelpie dog, taught ME stuff! Herding dogs have it all.

Floridacracker said...

Bear said, "Those dogs who can, herd.
Those who can swim, retrieve."

I suppose it makes sense if you are a dog.

He also said, "Merry Christmas!"

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, they are wonderful, if very demanding and challenging friends. I am grateful to still have Nick, who is lying here by my feet right now

Linda, that is so cool. I very rarely use that command as Nick really likes it a lot, but once in a while when one of the barn cats is terrorizing the little porch kitties.....

Jan, I know poodles are brilliant too and I like them. the lady who taught me dog obedience with my first obedience dog, Brandy, had a standard and she was a wonderful and incredible dog. And it is just wonderful that your pups read! A truly awesome accomplishment. lol

AKAgaga, Dogs are the best! All kinds. I was bored a bit too, and thought he used way too many repeated commands. Harder on the dog to understand...maybe that was the point. Cool dog though

June, they are so attuned to, and maybe only seem smart, but I sure do love them.

FC, Confucius Bear! What powerful ponderings. Merry Christmas to all of you as well and thanks.