Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Water Woes

Computer problems are limiting how much I can update or answer comments....sorry about that. I really appreciate talking to you, and will get caught up as soon as I get things straightened are cookie baking and frozen things. The war of the water bowls goes on and on. A water line broke in the barn day before yesterday. Thankfully the guys had only been out of the barn for a couple of minutes when they came in and found little Niagara flowing down the manger.

However, the repairs unleashed a bunch of rust into the water lines, which then got caught in all the valves in the self watering bowls the cows drink from. Thus Alan would fix a bowl and go milk a cow and then another one would start to overflow and he would fix it and milk a cow and so on....this morning there finally weren't any overflowing. Fingers crossed!

I was as surprised as folks who commented to see the white-crowned sparrow this time of year. Usually they come through in April, sing up a storm and offer us lots of enjoyment, then head on north. There are quite a few birds around though, including quite a few geese.

Hope everyone's Christmas preparations are going along well. Off the kitchen....


Linda said...

Winter and water aren't a good combination. Hope you get your computer problems worked out.

Cathy said...

Something about water leaking in any venue freaks me out. Hope the flooding is over for good.

As for Christmas preparations . . . tis the season with too few hours and too many demands. Somehow it all gets done :0)

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, I have it limping along now for a bit and as of last night, nothing was leaking.

Cathy, you are right about that. In between the regular stuff we get it done somehow. Not my favorite holiday though...will be glad to have it behind and look forward to spring. lol