Monday, January 03, 2011


Here is a Christmas song, sent to me a little while ago by a friend, which you should really check out. Computer problems kept me from playing it until patient when listening..these are so much more than they seem at first.

Oh, boy, here is another fantastic one....I am going to see if I can buy this for my iPod.

****Thanks Jean!


June said...

I first received a video of Straight No Chaser in 2009, and I remember it vividly. That's a good thing because I don't have the patience to wait for it to load...they keep pausing in their singing...and it's maddening.

Paul said...

Straight no Chaser... Awsome! I never saw that one before. Thanks for the video!

lisa said...

They were great, too bad they aren't touring in the US, I would go to one!

nyvolfan said...

Jen saw them at proctor's last year.....she has the cd if you'd like to borrow it.

threecollie said...

June, they were entirely new to me and what an amazing delight! And I discover that they played an area theater last October and my wonderful daughter-in-law was there.... I am so sorry for my ignorance (and grateful to Jean) lol

Paul, I guess I am the only person in the world who hadn't heard of them. Love them

Lisa, me too, although the tickets are really high for some of their shows

NYV, when I saw that they had played here I thought she might have. I do love them!