Saturday, January 15, 2011


It is just plain cold.
Cold like a shell
Cold like a mountain.
Cold all day and cold all night.
Oh, the stars sparkle, and the sun puts a glitter on the snow like a kid gone crazy but the cold drives you inside
Where it is less cold, but still cold.
Blankets on all the chairs, long johns, sweats over your jeans over your long johns and still you are cold.
Four shirts
A vest
An over
Still cold.
Wool socks, yeah, real wool
Still cold.
The wind was pushing the smoke from the stove north last night when we came in.
Does this mean south air and a warm up?
I hope so.
Whine over
We return you to your normal programming, thank you.....


Cathy said...

Honey! After reading this poem
(it is) about cold - even those lilies look as though they're trapped under a pane of ice


Love this line:

The wind was pushing the smoke from the stove north last night when we came in ...

joated said...

So, You've been cold, huh? ;-)

Could be worse. See the temps in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Barrow, peak and you'll feel warmer if not actually BE warmer.

Dani said...

How much longer until it starts to warm up for spring?

Woodswalker said...

Were you looking at seed catalogs to remind you of spring? I was wondering where you found lilies blooming this time of year, since the only things growing now are the ferns of frost on the windows.

June said...

I hope no breeze comes up this morning or all the branches will fall off the trees.

Rev. Paul said...

It's -11 at my place; listen to Joated, you should. Warm you, it could. {/Yoda voice}

threecollie said...

Cathy, we would be good if it was warm inside, but it gets up to around fifty and hangs there. It is hard to put on enough clothes to be comfortable. And thanks

joated, yeah, stove has been not doing its job...I do fine in the cold outdoors if I can get in and get warm, but it has been forty or fifty inside.

WW, that is a painting my very talented aunt did. I loved it so I took a photo

June, it isn't that bad out today here...however it is cold in too

Rev. Paul, down to just six below here according to our daughter. However, that isn't bad for out. It is that it is so cold inside that we never seem to get warm. Issues with the chain saw and the chain sawyer and relying entirely on an outdoor stove for heat. There was a discussion (heated unlike the house) and now it is finally, after about four days of fifty degree temps indoors, beginning to warm up. lol

threecollie said...

Dani, oops, I missed you, is hard to know when it will begin to warm up. We can usually count on actual spring in May, but some years it comes in April and sometimes in March. And a couple of years ago we had frost the tenth or eleventh of June.

Linda said...

....and then there's the sad part of the way we dress for the cold and how cumbersome we become.

threecollie said...

Linda, yeah, it is something isn't it! I added two heavy shirts today and was not as bad off. lol

Cathy said...

NO way. I was sure those lovely lilies were a nice print. Your aunt must have had formal training.

Anonymous said...

We had a southeast wind blowing last night. Wasn't real could according to the thermometer, but it was cold!

Anonymous said...

It's the same in S Indiana!

Ericka said...


hope this finds you a bit warmer!

threecollie said...

Cathy, I think she took a couple lessons at the Y. She is so talented (and cool and sweet and the best aunt ever and all) lol

JB, I must be getting old, because it just seems to FEEL cold. We don't get anything like either your low temps or winds, but...

Anon, well, stay warm if you can! Not much fun

Ericka, thanks, it is colder out, but warmer in and if it is warm in, you can pretty much get by.

DayPhoto said...

Oh, boy do I ever EVER understand you!