Friday, January 28, 2011

I Can Do This

In the barn til after ten last night helping with a compromised, breech, premature, heifer calf born to Liz's dear old show cow, Mandy. Ate dinner (bowl of ice cream) and went to bed. Back to the barn now because Liz has to get on the road to her other job. No babies due today...I don't think.


June said... the calf okay???

Cathy M said...

How's the calf?

threecollie said...

June, she is still with us, but I am afraid the prognosis is poor. Just too early and breech deliveries are perilous. We delivered her very quickly, but backwards is bad.

Cathy M, not doing too great. We don't know why she came early, but her mother is an older cow and not the strongest. We almost lost her last year when she calved and this year her baby came way too early.

DayPhoto said...

Good thing no babies will be busy with this one. We have been there and done that and it's work for several days...if you make it that long. Here is a prayer that the cow and the calf regain strength quickly.


Cathy said...

This kind of work requires so much more than mere dedication and skill.

Grit. The ability to keep moving forward when things are not as one would hope . .

Fingers crossed for everyone.