Sunday, January 30, 2011

Party Animals

As you might guess we are not. However, Becky will turn 23 on Monday and she wanted some form of celebration. As she has a job now, she and Alan headed out, bought the movie the Sorcerer's Apprentice, and some grinders and calzone from Romano's and we sat down after milking to enjoy.

Actually I had one of the last two Dick Francis books, so I really wasn't watching much, although I certainly was sitting and enjoying. (I don't know how I missed it, but he died last year. Dickiebo had a post about it or I still wouldn't know. He was one of my favorite authors all my life.)

However, as is normal when you have animals, no party goes unpunished. While we were milking, Zobaba, a Whirlhill Kingpin heifer of Alan's, was treading and nervous and holding her tail up. We bedded her up all nice and comfy and left her alone to progress. However, that progress needed to be observed a bit.

Thus in the middle of the movie Becky went over to the barn for that purpose. Feet were showing, but nowhere near enough progress for what the clock was saying, so.....

The men went over and delivered a bouncing baby boy**** to Zo, doctored her up as needed and came back.

Alan had plenty of jokes about "you know you are a farmer when you can't have a party without having a cow........"

Ah, well, they were soon back watching their movie. We stayed up late and felt delightfully decadent for a while. I'm kinda glad this is my morning off.

****Update, upon closer inspection, the bouncing baby boy is a girl.


Dani said...

I LOVE IT! lol

And a very Happy Birthday to Becky.

joated said...

Lovely story of farm life.

I am somehow comforted by the fact that even professionals such as you guys have, on occasion, found it difficult to determine the sexo of a newborn calf.

And it turns out to be another potential milk producer!

Happy birthday, Becky.

Linda said...

Happy birthday Becky. I didn't know that Dick Francis had died until now.......must have missed Dickiebo's post.

threecollie said...

Dani, it was funny in its way...and thanks for the birthday wishes

Joated, it happens. Basically because the men took a look at it, without checking the essential sections, and decided that it was a bull because it has a big head. Other people paid more attention to detail and discovered that such cursory examination was, alas, inadequate. lol And thanks for the birthday wishes!

Thanks Linda, I was so sad to see that he had passed. My folks introduced me to his books when I had my leg in a hip to toe cast for six weeks when I was around twenty and I have loved his books ever since. I hope Felix continues to write, but I have a feeling that he won't.