Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Stills...the Letter W

Weaving...a Christmas present from Lisa


More Winter

Winter friends


For more Sunday Stills......


Ed said...

nice shots, love the snow shots..:-)

Cathy said...


These pics make me want to wander through a field somewhere.

Is that a Red Bud seed pod?

NumberWise said...

W? Wonderful!

June said...

I love that last picture!
I bet it's all melted or blown away off that weed by now.

Anonymous said...

Winter....for sure! It's freezing here. :)

achieve1dream said...

Great pictures! That bird is so cute!

CCC said...

The snow on the curled leaf is my favorite

Brenda said...

very cute winter friend!

Oregon Equestrian said...

Love the weaving close-up. You can almost see individual snowflakes in the winter shots.

Tammy said...

That's a lot of snow!

Anonymous said...

really loved looking at your winter photos, they are beautiful

Linda said...

I love the snow shots, they are far more peaceful than mine are:(

threecollie said...

Ed, thanks, hate the stuff, but it is pretty

Cathy, thanks...seed pods are hanging off our honey locust tree. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of them on the ground under the snow waiting for spring to sprout in inopportune locations. lol

NW, Thank you kind friend!

June, thanks and you are correct. I had to run, literally, into the house after milking the other day to beat the wind to it.

dibear, thanks, Miserable cold isn't it? We were out at 8:30 last night fighting with the stove to try to get some heat in here

A1D, thanks! I love the little chickadees!

CCC, thanks, me too, it looked kinda like a W to me. lol

Brenda, thanks, I enjoy the little chickadees so much

OE, thanks! I do try for snowflake shots, but this snow wasn't quite right for it.

Tammy, more than enough. lol

Cloe, thanks!

Linda, thanks, yours are simply brutal! I cringe when I look at them. You folks stay safe!

CTG Ponies said...


Regular Guy said...

Nice photos, boo to the thieves. Hope they get caught or what they deserve.