Saturday, January 08, 2011

Well, Duh

See this silly rooster? (Yeah, those are snow flakes blowing past him.) Liz' boss gave him and a couple of his brothers to us a while back. They were enthroned in the nice little chicken house Matt and Lisa gave us along with our old hens. Daily corn meal, table scraps and fresh water. Shavings on the floor, warm, and cozy, and nice for a birdie.

So what did he do? Try and try and try to get out until finally one day he evaded my hand and made it. Now he sleeps in a box elder tree with Mr. Fluff and wanders around in the snow all day. I feed them both next to the coop and he steals cat food but...... Sooner or later I will catch him, if the fox doesn't get there first, but I am calling him WD. (And not 40.)

Grace had her baby, a lively heifer. It was running around the barn when we got there yesterday (after all those barn checks). It would be nice to think we could make fewer extra trips to the barn, but now we have to start watching Zobaba, Booth and Magic, who are all due to calve in the next week or so. Then in February and March, watch out; sleep is probably going to be kinda scarce.

Have a nice, warm day!


Anonymous said...

We need more people who are as independent as that rooster!

Verification word is onounpa.

So it that pronounced o no un pa?

Or on o unpa?

I thought at first it was O NO papa!

Linda said...

Independently stupid rooster.....always wanting what he can't have 'til he has it and now he's probably wondering why he left for better places.

Cathy said...

All those barn goings-on. I get excited over the paper delivery in the AM. Can't imagine the excitement of overseeing annual winter life deliveries :0)

Silly rooster. Like so many, he doesn't know when he's got it good.

Floridacracker said...

My "wild" roosters have it much easier than this guy.
I'll show them this picture and tell them to shut their beaks. They have it made.

threecollie said...

jinglebob, lol at the word verifications. I know they are a terrible pain in the neck, but if I shut them off I get bombarded with spam.

Linda, he is a dummy. Nice warm coop with wimmen and food...snow bank, how to choose, how to choose

Cathy, he is truly a fool. He stood on the porch at the cat food dish (empty) daring me to try to catch him yesterday. I declined for reasons involving his sharp beak and pointy claws. lol

FC, they do indeed. Even wily old Mr. Fluff is thinking about turning himself in to the chicken coop posse.

DayPhoto said...

I like what Linda said--Independently stupid rooster! Sheesh!


Ericka said...

rooster's gotta be free!