Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Word For a Wintry Wednesday Redux



Anonymous said...

That's the good stuff. - Bill

DayPhoto said...



lisa said...

How much snow have you gotten? We now have around 8 inches here and still snowing. I hate the thought of the winding picking up.

Rev. Paul said...

I love a good hickory fire. Enjoy!

Linda said...

I'll bet the fire feels real nice as cold as it looks out!

Cathy said...

Glorious embers.

And then the curious juxtaposition of drifts of snow and saw dust.

The world turned over.

Wood gone airy and water going firm.

Dani said...

Good Stuff!

threecollie said...

Bill, thanks, it really is! Burns like coal, blue and hot.

Linda, much needed!

Lisa, not too much, but it is more than enough...prolly not as much as you folks

Rev. Paul, thanks, we have a logger coming in to cut some wood to help pay our taxes, but he has been told not to touch the hickory.

Linda, no one minds working near the stove if they can have the door open. lol

Cathy, that is a beautiful way to see it. Thanks!

Dani, the best we can get....