Friday, February 18, 2011

Been so Darned Fool Busy

Haven't even had time to get pics off the camera. This is a really awful shot of a common redpoll, only the second one I have seen this winter. It was about dusk and this was taken through the window so......I guess you'll have to trust me that it is actually a redpoll.

The weather is warm at least for today and there is much to do. We seem to be acquiring a pair of peacocks so I had to get the hen house that Alan and I built ready for them. That is kinda, sorta done, although there is more left to take care of.

Have much company coming in the next couple of weeks so cleaning is an ongoing, if largely futile, project. Doesn't matter what you do, they follow you around and mess it back up again. We did get the boss's newspapers picked up anyhow. Tied up three large bundles just from the landfill around his chair. Found my missing pot holders and several pairs of his dollar store glasses which was good.

Well, back to the salt mines. It won't clean itself. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


Linda said...

It really is too bad it won't clean itself isnt' it.

threecollie said...

Linda, the day they invent that feature is the day I find a way to buy it! lol

NumberWise said...

Landfill?? That really struck me funny!