Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Global Warming

We hazit.

Or we did for a grand total of around twenty hours. Temps in the fifties and howling winds. It felt like March. Now we are back in the deep freeze (or deepish anyhow) at 12 and feeling like just like January.

The warm wind did dump a goodly part of the snow off the barn roofs...which is good.

I looked out the window just after breakfast and saw heifers running toward the house...which is not good. Snow fell on the roof of their pen, spooked them, and they climbed up on a pile of frozen feed and jumped out. Came right over to visit us. Of course, as is nearly always the case when somebody gets out, the boss was gone, so with the help of whomever hadn't left for work or school, I chased cows in my house shoes.


For today it is cold and windy and the windows are all iced up. Global warming is just a distant memory. As Alan always says, I do my share. I drive an SUV (nothing less will do the driveway). So where is my share of global warming, anthropocentric or otherwise?

A second calf was born yesterday to one of Alan's cows, Verona. Both of yesterdays new ones are bulls.


lisa said...

Hard to beleive that it is going to be in the 50's by Friday! I like the picture!

Anonymous said...

Okay, from now on, have someone handy to take a picture of the cow chasing in slippers. I NEED PICTURES!!!!!


DayPhoto said...

I had to laugh out loud with the houseshoes...at 5:30 this morning as I opened the curtains for the day Terry noticed that one of the ranchers cows has jumped the electric fence and was eating on the lawn. You know the rest of the story!


Cathy said...

Can't believe the danged bird is climbing around in that bush. I didn't know they could do that.

Sorry about that impromptu roundup. Double dang.

As for doing your part for global warming . . .
Keep up the good work!

I just received another supply of incandescent light bulbs. (They're all outlawed by 2014)

They do warm a room so nicely :0)

Jan said...

Back several years ago when aerosol sprays were supposed to cause global warming, Drew Carey on his TV sit com ran out with a can of spray yelling "I can't wait."

That was several years ago.

threecollie said...

Lisa, thanks, I am sure ready for a little warm

JB, so glad they were all helping with the round up rather than photographing the round person. lol

Linda, I do know the story and all too well. lol

Cathy, been wanting to stockpile them, but never can seem to hang on to them. Read that the guy who wrote the bill outlawing them is trying to get it repealed. Not sure if it is true.

Jan, lol, I remember that. Sure drove up the cost of coolants.