Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heat Wave

Twenty-four this morning.


Yay! I am tired of living in a meat locker, where you could just turn off the fridge and use the kitchen table if you wanted to.

And there was a house finch out in the pear tree yesterday, singing his heart out.

Singing! Can you believe it! Not cheeping, not chirping, not peeping or beating his little head on a tree trunk because he is so sick of the weather (oh, wait, that was me), but singing! I loved it.


June said...

"...beating his little head on a tree trunk because he is so sick of the weather..."
You made me laugh!
In sympathy.
Or would that be empathy?

Floridacracker said...

I don't think my fridge goes down to 24.

Stay warm!

Woodswalker said...

Yes!!! The birds have started SINGING! Or at least they've started practicing for the serious season ahead. I loved this post. Made me laugh.

Linda said...

We are at a blaming 38*F. right now and the snow is sliding in great wads off the roof. No new birds yet to report though.

Rev. Paul said...

We have -9 this morning, and you're warming up ... so things are back to the way they should be.

Enjoy the weather & the birds. We won't see the summer avian crew until late April or early May, depending on when the snow melts.

Cathy said...

June beat me to it.

" . .beating his little head on a tree trunk . . '

What a hilarious image.

And I imagine that was your voice you heard singing :-)

Jeffro said...

I figure it's all good. The deep freeze on the unheated back porch isn't cranking the meter on the pole much these days.

threecollie said...

June, probably empathy, lol

FC, the average temp in our dining room this winter has been around 52. We have actually gotten quite used to it. lol

WW, thanks! Being a fellow Northeasterner, I know you know what a thrill it was to actually hear singing! The chickadees are singing their spring song a little; the titmice are yodeling that incredibly loud peeoo peeoo that they confuse me with every year, but actual singing was a delight!

Linda, we are starting to get a trickle of very early, short distance migrants...or birds that stay here out in the fields and are getting hungry are coming in to the feeders. In light of the turkeys on the rose bush I suspect the latter. Finches have been here all winter, but not singing. Glad you are getting a thaw. Hope it doesn't make too much of a mess!

Rev. Paul, I'll bet your summer brings birds that would thrill me right out of my mind and send me running for my life list. Most of what we have around now are birds that stay all winter, but very soon, probably by the end of the next two weeks or so we will see the first real spring birds..unless we get more big storms.

Cathy, He was wonderful and made my day. We have had half a dozen pairs, in their bright raspberry spring plumage, all winter, but the singing was a treat! And boy was he getting down. I hope he doesn't think he is going to be nesting up there by the pear tree though. The mockers claim that area and they are plumb diligent in protecting it.

Jeffro, good point. We have one too and it is probably warmer inside than outside. lol

DayPhoto said...

A hint of spring....oh the joy!!!