Friday, February 18, 2011

Peacock Poo

Pervasive stuff indeed. Just ask me.

Just ask anyone within six feet of me.

A couple of years ago a person with whom we do business offered to get me a couple of pea fowl from a farmer he knows who has quite a few running wild on the place. I have always wanted a pair....

The gentleman finally caught them and they arrived today. The first thing the hen did was rocket around in her cage spattering me liberally from head to foot with pea hen by-product she had produced during her very, very long ride here.

Of course I had just done a large quantity of laundry and was down to my last dry jeans and sweatshirt(no drier, I use laundry bars). After I had them comfortable enthroned in the old hen house it took me about two seconds to get to the house......I couldn't stand my own company. It's sweats and a couple of old sweaters for me until something dries.

Worth it though. Pea fowl are so beautiful close up they seem like something from another world. They never fail to dazzle me.

Hopefully the hen house will keep them safe from foxes and coyotes and fishers and whatever all else wants them for dinner. Meanwhile, I still smell like the south end of a northbound bird. Any suggestions on getting that gone?

Hen feathers


Rev. Paul said...

You DO know how to have a good time...

Jan said...

Was she marking you as her territory?

Cathy said...

Oh how elegant!

And it seems we're still in our packaging. Wow. It'd be interesting to see how they did that!

I had NO IDEA that their poo was particularly odoriferous.

Stand clear of em'.

That's all I've got ;-)

lisa said...


Linda said...

LOL sounds a little like my day but at least I didn't stink in the end. They are pretty!

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Such beautiful birds! How noisy are they? Hope you have some nice warm weather for your laundry to dry out:)

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, I admit it...I am NEVER bored. lol

Jan, just trying to get away from me as I carried the cage up to the hen house. Same result though. lol

Cathy, indeed it was. It was so neat the way the farmer packaged the male. The female was in a little crate, but due to the length of his incredibly long tail feathers the male was put head first into a feed sack, with a hole for his head. Then the sack was carefully taped together so as to protect him from harming himself or escaping. It was very nicely done

lisa, I so hope I can keep them going.

Linda, the worst had faded by bedtime and using up all the hot water took care of the rest.

Wife, thanks. I am not sure on the noisy part. I have heard that they can scream, but these are the first I have had. I like noisy birds, loved our guinea fowl until the fox ate them and they were walking loud!

Dani said...

They're awesome looking!

Ericka said...

it took him 2 years to catch them? hmm. hope they don't escape the hen house.

my experience with peafowl is limited - neighbors to a park i worked at had some. omg. good luck.

stupid, yet very good at escape. hard to herd. prone to kick. and bite. and peck. and stand stupidly in the street, watching cars come at them. also ear-piercingly loud. warn your neighbors, 'cause it sounds like a woman screaming in agony. and when his juices are flowing, he'll scream for attention for days without stopping.

or maybe the neighbors found evil ones just to torture the owner of the park... this is not impossible.

threecollie said...

Dani, thanks. I have never been close to them and had time to study them before. Their colors are incredible.

Ericka, I have heard some stories of them being obnoxious. Still....I couldn't resist. lol They are so pretty. And I don't much mind the noise.