Friday, February 11, 2011

Slim Pickins' and Fat Pickers

"Hold my beer, watch this!"

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I was wrapped up in a blanket, freezing and snuggling in my chair when the boss began to give me a play by play of the wild turkeys in the rose bushes on the edge of the lawn. Finally it became irresistible to get up, get the camera and get some documentation of the crazy things these birds do in winter. They are plumb hungry. Here is a video of two of the dozen or so that came in, tight rope walking on the twigs as they pick rose hips.


Cathy said...

Oh excellent! We can actually see them picking off those rose hips.

I'm guessing they're getting mighty hungry this time of year.

DayPhoto said...

Wonderful! I enjoyed this very much! THANK YOU!


June said...

Well, that's fun!
I've never seen that sight; thank you!

Rev. Paul said...

I haven't seen wild turkeys since moving to Alaska. Thanks!

WV: uncirrus = all the other kinds of clouds?

lisa said...

Great Shots!

Dani said...

This is the best!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Very cool! Thanks for giving up your warm spot for this!

threecollie said...

Cathy, I think the animals are very hungry indeed. They are coming right to the house and into the buildings. Poor critters.

Linda, glad you enjoyed it. Wish I could have better caught how very funny they were teetering around on top of that big rose bush.

June, we watched them for twenty minutes or funny and right outside the window

Rev. Paul, uncirrus huh? We've had a lot of those. Glad to be of help in the turkey department

Lisa, thanks!

ScMomma, thank you! It was well worth it and I was feeling guilty anyhow.