Friday, February 25, 2011


Again. And having heard from snowed in, powerless friends in other states, I guess it is going to pack a whammy. The boss says when he got up at five-thirty there wasn't a flake. I am here to tell you it is making up for lost time.

Had a hawk hunting the mockingbird yesterday in the big rose bush where the turkeys were feeding last week. He flew when I got to the window with the camera, but I got a quick shot. Not sure what he was...never got a good look. I will thank him for staying the heck away from my mockers. They have chased him out several times this winter, but I think he had them pinned down yesterday. I was glad to come to their rescue.

So far today we have had a loose Jersey heifer who broke a water bowl, causing flooding in the barn....again.....not an auspicious start to another stinking, lousy snow storm.
Which, as a Facebook friend pointed, out was supposed to be a few flurries and then some rain, but, gulp, amazingly, incredibly, they got it wrong again.

It is supposed to stack up a foot of the lovely, fluffy white stuff. Yay! Hope you are warm and dry and a big thank you to all my Florida blog friends who warm my world with pictures and videos of dolphins, gardens, birds, beaches and sunshine. Yeah, that is the stuff.


DayPhoto said...

Here is sending you March weather a week early....come on March bring in Spring!


Linda said...

Stay warm.....spring IS coming or so the calendar says.

lisa said...

Darn cow anyhow!! I have to say that I would prefer the snow than the ice and freezing rain! You take care. You going to the farm show this weekend? We are thinking of going tomorrow if the roads are plowed out by then.

June said...

I am so far beyond ready for spring I could plotz.

threecollie said...

Linda, thank you! I read with much envy about your red winged black birds. haven't seen a one of them yet.

Linda, thank you, you too. I think the calendar may be a tad confused

Lisa, man, oh, man did she ever make a mess!!!! I really want to go to the Farm show, but we were put so behind by the storm...just can't. Have fun!

June, yeah! I wasn't doing too bad until this storm. For Pete's sake it was supposed to be mostly rain and nice and warm. Instead everything is buried, deeply, under huge mounds of white. Darn it.

Cathy said...

About that hawk . . check out this blog featuring rough-legged hawks. They're certainly in your area this time of year.

I see that northern harriers are possibly there, too.

I'm terrible on raptors.

Lucky mockingbirds to have you running interference :0)

threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks. I think it was too small for a Rough-legged or harrier. More the size of a sharp-shinned or Cooper's, although the color was a bit odd. There has been a sharpie hanging around the buildings so this is probably it.