Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Stills....TV and Movies

Top: My very favorite TV show. I was grousing to the boss about not liking ANY Tv shows and he suggested this.

And bottom two: my favorite scene of all time. Regular readers will understand, as one of my all time (and often mentioned) wishes is for a cannon (the other one is for my own personal tank, preferably one with its own cannon.)....shoulda made this clear...this is from a movie,.

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Brenda said...

lol, but I don't know what the show is called. my hubby likes watching Top Shot. Was it from that show?

Cathy said...

OK. We give up ;(
Keith and I watch maybe 2 programs.
What are we missin' here?

He watches Best Shooter and Cowboys Rifles and Pistols, but he may have to check out your show.

We'll happily move up to cannons ;-D

joated said...

"Broke into the wrong goldarn rec room!"

Love it!

Jeffro said...

What kind of fuse is that?

lisa said...

Great idea for the post!

Rev. Paul said...

Burt Gummer ... best TV character EVER!

Shirley said...

Don't know the show, but I did see a cannon for sale on Pawn Stars! It worked, too!

Regular Guy said...

Good one LOL.

achieve1dream said...

I don't know the movie. Good pictures though. :)

threecollie said...

Brenda, it is from one of the Tremors movies.

Cathy, from on of the Tremors movies. We get the biggest kick out of Burt Gummer's obsession with firearms.

Joated, yup! We love 'em too

Jeffro, Cannon fuse....What do you use that for?
My cannon!

Lisa, thanks

REv. Paul, I like his thinking. lol

Shirley, I happened to see that too. I don't generally watch TV but the boss does and he knows how I want a

RG, thanks, Becky helped me as I don't even know how to run the DVD player

Achieve a dream, thanks it is is one of the Tremors movies.

Jan said...

Why am I not surprised that you don't spend your day watching TV and eating bonbons?

DayPhoto said...

You did good!