Thursday, February 24, 2011


Lakota's new baby boy with Tux, the opportunist

Is sometimes my second favorite day of the week (after Sunday) because I am caught up by then....usually.

But sometimes I am not so caught up. And Thursday is just another day......Another storm in the offing for tomorrow, geraniums to plant, dreaded house work to dig away at. (Why is it I get a lot of satisfaction out of sweeping a barn aisle or sluicing out the milk house but hate every swipe of the broom or mop indoors? Ugh!)

We experienced a significant and quite notable sign of early spring last night though. Just about last dog turning out time of the evening a powerful, pungent and real CLOSE odor wafted into the kitchen. I think the perp may have actually been on the back porch at one point.

Thus Nick and I will be doing leash walks again until the air clears and he or she takes his stinky little act down the road.


June said...

If Tux had had his/her face hidden, I wouldn't even have seen him/her!

I do not look forward to skunk breeding season.

joated said...

Skunk's just looking for a little love. (Or maybe a chicken.) And those in the photo are at least the right shades of black-and-white.

Jeffro said...

Skunks Vs. Us - The Neverending Battle! New Episodes Daily!

Cathy said...

Awwww . . such a sweet picture :0)
I've not had power or internet for a couple days.
After I clean up the mess and get things restored I'll look forward to your posts.
Ice, trees, cold ,sleeplessness . . I know you can relate to winter challenges.

Cathy said...

No way! A skunk already? Wow.
Ha! And this?
"Why is it I get a lot of satisfaction out of sweeping a barn aisle or sluicing out the milk house but hate every swipe of the broom or mop indoors?"

I would rather shovel 10 feet of snow at 15' than go inside and clean.

You're in good company :0)

threecollie said...

June, I didn't see him there in the barn. Liz pointed him out to me when I was going around snapping Jersey faces. He loves to snuggle with the calves and they don't seem to mind him a bit

joated, probably a little of both. lol I don't mind walking the dog on a leash as I do every spring when they show up., However, I could stand for it to be in better weather with a lot less snow.

Jeffro, they almost always win. The boss was a skunk hunter as a kid and was kicked out of school and his mama's house on at least one memorable occasion

Cathy, thanks, as I said to June, I didn't even notice him there. So sorry to read of your weather and outages and all. I hope you were at least able to stay warm. do you have a fireplace or anything like that or did you just have to shiver through it?
I don't know what it is about cleaning. I may grouse about it in the barn, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. In the house it just seems futile.

DayPhoto said...

Skunks mean spring no doubt about it!

Love the kitty/calf photo!