Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Weather Signs

This often leads to


Back when I was working at my first dairy farm job my boss taught me many weather signs. One that has held true in almost every instance is that if snow clings to the branches and wires either wind or rain is close behind. That sure was the case yesterday and despite how grueling the wind was I am glad that it wasn't rain. Hate to think what that would have done to all the thousands of snow-covered roofs in the region.

Do you know any other interesting weather prognostications?


Jeffro said...

Around here, when the wind is out of the east, something is gonna happen. Usually "bad." During the summer, it's tornadoes. Yesterday, it was a snowstorm (that froze up a pipe under the house) - but at least we did get some snow. Not all bad, after all.

Rev. Paul said...

Weather signs are different in different parts of the country. Down in the Midwest, we knew that cirrus clouds were a harbinger of rain, usually within a few hours. Here in Alaska, that doesn't happen. I asked an old Native man (a Y'upik) what they meant. He looked up at the sky, looked at me and said, "Cold."

Cathy said...

That is fascinating.

Here in Ohio . . hmmmm . . nothing very dramatic.

I only know that old adage:

Red sky at morning - sailors take warning.

Red sky at night - sailor's delight.

Blowing snow? Take a look:

threecollie said...

Jeffro, sorry about your pipes, glad for the snow for moisture. Wish we could share. We don't have an outrageous amount, but it is considerably more than I feel that we need.

Rev. Paul, that is really interesting. I had no idea that they were different in different places. I learned a lot of good ones from my former bosses. They were umpteenth generation farmers and had a real handle on weather prognostication.

Cathy, I find that the old farmers are many times more accurate than meteorologists. Generations of looking at the sky rather than at a computer and their livelihoods depending on the weather I guess. Thanks for the link. We got a lot more than I caught in the photo, but it was cold out there and I wimped out. lol