Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Out before stardark to check on the heifers. We put the last two springers into the cow barn late last night. You never know if they will get into trouble in new stalls so...

Crispy cold. Officially winter, because I finally gave in and got out my brother's old red college scarf. It is a favorite of I envied his "cool" when he wore it back in the I only wear it when it is just too cold to go without it. Couple times a winter...I want to make it last. It is only around zeroish this morning, but the wind makes it feel plumb glacial.

Scarf did its job so it wasn't too bad walking over. They were both fine, lying properly positioned in the stalls and calm. We will have to watch them real closely for a while though.

Yesterday every twig, branch and wire was all hung with thick snow, a harbinger of either wind or rain...and we got wind. Boy, did it ever howl. It was so loud that when the men came in to sit down for a while late in the afternoon they couldn't hear the TV over it. It was sucking snow off the heifer barn making a cloud so thick you could barely see the barn through it. Hope it is calmer today. Stay warm!


lisa said...

Sure is down right cold this morning. Put the horses in last night and they didn't complain! I loved that picture of Magnum!

Cathy said...

" . . got out my brother's old red college scarf . . "

That is so sweet on so many levels.

I was right there with you listening to that wind howl.

Great writing, TC.

Milder temps approaching. Hang in there.

Linda said...

Well lets hope that scarf lasts for generations and generation;)

DayPhoto said...

They tell me that winter really does end, I'm beginning to wonder.

And the wind...what a year for wind!


threecollie said...

Lisa, thanks, I miss him. He was such a nice guy

Cathy, thank you. I am wishing for just some thirties. It was thirty-something for a couple of days last week and we got so much work done because we were half way comfortable. It is just nasty cold now, especially at night.

Linda, thanks, I think it will be with us for a while. Bro is just a year younger than was a long time ago...and it still looks like new. I have no idea how I even ended up with it, but I love it.

Linda, we have been lucky in that respect. Only a few really windy days, although the ones we had have been just awful. however, as the sun gets higher in the sky it seems to be getting much more windy. Ugh.