Saturday, March 26, 2011


Two calves yesterday, a heifer to Hollywood, a bull to Baja.

Busy, busy. Hollywood's had a leg back, but Liz and the boss repelled it a little and got the leg up. As soon as all was clear she sat right down and got it born. Hallelujah.

Several-many moons ago I bought the boss a bull calf for Father's Day, Keeneland Astre Pat. There is quite a story about him, as I went to the sale and he was purchased for big bucks long before I could even get in a bid. Then at the end of the auction he was put up for sale again. Seems the individual who purchased him the first time thought he was a heifer. I got him bought for about a fifth the original price.

Not to be outdone, the boss bought another bull (O-C-E-C Lindy Fred-ET) from Oneida County Embryo Company, a son of the famous Stewarthaven TT Fallon cow (one of the most incredibly beautiful cows I have ever laid eyes on. We saw her at pasture when she was quite old and she was like a Bonny Mohr painting. Silky black hide over a fabulous frame with wide, sweeping ribs and a rump like you wouldn't believe....just wow!)

We raised them, had them drawn at Dependabull when they were old enough, and have been just a tad competitive about whose choice was best ever since.

KPat made a lot of heifers, middle of the road milk cows, nothing special, but sturdy and dependable. The Freds are big and black and framey like grandma, but a tad mastitis-prone.Oddly enough the best daughters of either bull were out of daughters of the other bull. Turned out to be a great cross......Hollywood is out of an old KPat daughter and her baby is by Fred. Really nice calf.

Which made our little competition kind of silly I guess.

And my new favorite milk cow, alongside my beloved Broadway, is a Fred daughter out of my old Citation R Maple cow, England.

Fuzzy little Egypt was a loon when she was young. Abso-positively nutso. When we had to do anything whatsoever with her she freaked and we had a rodeo. However, after she had her baby she turned into the bovine version of a happy puppy. When I milk her she turns her hairy black head around to be scratched and loves to have me pet and fuss with her. I can't believe she is the same cow. Needless to say she is treated like a big baby and called Boo boo and all. (Yeah, I call my cow Boo Boo, what can I say?)

Off to the barn in a couple of minutes who see who has gotten up to what in the night (hopefully they all just finished their hay, slept and chewed the cud, but you never know.) Have a great Saturday.


Cathy said...

Thank you for creating this word picture of a world of whose workings we city-tethered folks are sadly unaware.

That special relationship with your animals and the science behind breeding them . . just can't imagine the responsibility -
and the fun.

Anonymous said...

Amazing the affection we can have for an animal isn't it. I doubt PETA people will ever understand it. And are jealous of us, as they know they can't.

Work in Progress said...

Boo Boo and I have a lot in common. Both of us changed dramatically after giving birth. And I like to have my black hairy head scratched too.

Happy weekend!

Woodswalker said...

I love how your blog brings us into your world in the most intimate ways. Thanks.

Jan said...

I love reading about the differing personalities of your various bovines cause I had no idea they had them.

joated said...

Sheesh! You start talking family trees, crosses, etc. you better start including diagrams...especially on a Saturday morning.

Good to hear that the calfs are dropping. Now we need the fresh new grass for their mommas.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I guess we take it for granted, but it is a lot of responsibility and it sure can be fun....although I wouldn't complain too loudly if it got warm and green, lol

JB, I do not understand what they are thinking or even how they think, but it sure isn't anything like we think that is for sure. I have been reading my cousin's book this weekend and a main underlying theme is how the animals come first, cow breakfast before people, cow care before fun. I am sure they wouldn't ever get that in a million years

Kristen, do you now? lol, I never knew! Happy weekend to you and yours as well. Hope sweet little Sophie is feeling better!

WW, thank you for your kind words. It serves as a sort of calendar and diary for us...we often check back to see when something happened

Jan, thanks, they really are so different and yet in the grand scheme alike as well. Never dull, that's for sure

Joated, I need at least two cups before I can think about it too. lol