Thursday, March 03, 2011


Is made from fresh, sweet, cream, skimmed from milk that comes from cows. (I read that on Facebook the other day.)


Anything else is simply not butter. It may be nut paste, or soybean paste, or some kinda amorphous, yellow, synthetic bread-greasing goo, but it is not butter.

Only real butter finds its way to the Northview table.

However, up until the day before yesterday, any butter would do. Ours usually came from a big box store or Stewart's (which has really good dairy products, from ice cream to milk for your cereal).

However, the other day we were given a two-pound tub of butter, which surpassed all expectations and reminded me how foods such as butter tasted when I was a kid.

It even looked good, so when we celebrated National Pancake Day, I opened it, even though there was half a stick of regular butter still in the dish. It had the nicest pale, clean, color, like justbeforesunrise in June.

A chip popped off the knife as I chiseled off a piece (yes, our kitchen is routinely cold enough this time of year that you have to chip off butter and hope your toast is still warm enough to melt it). I tasted.

Wow! It was so sweet, so light, so smooth and creamy. Instant flashback to my grandma's kitchen where we grandkids fed upon buttered bread with sugar when we just couldn't wait until dinner. (It was real hard to wait for dinner at either of my grandmas' houses. Those fine ladies could COOK!)

This butter was like that. Easily the best I have ever tasted.

Can't seem to find a website, but it is made by The Country Creamery in Canastota, NY.

Have I mentioned that I like it?


Cathy M said...

Ah, a nice piece of bread and butter and sugar. My mother used to make that as a snack too. Now I know three people who have had that treat.

Dani said...

YUMMY! I love having pancakes with a dob of butter and real maple syrup. Good stuff.

Hope Becky is healing up ok from that spill.

Anonymous said...

Cathy can add about 100 more people because my Grandma McGivern used to fee us kids that as a scack and there are oer 100 of us at reunions now, and I'm sure we all passed it dow. Nothing like fresh butter.
Love Mom

DayPhoto said...

Add me into the list....butter and sugar sandwiches we called them.

I grew up on homemade butter (and use to make my own)...the cream went to the Creamery which made Challenge Butter. Challenge butter was sold...but I still buy Challenge butter whenever I can find it. I pretend it is still the same.


Linda said...

I hadn't thought of butter and sugar sammies for a LONG time. the husband wouldn't use butter for years....his mom use to make it and HE didn't like it.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I had almost forgotten it, but we loved it when we were kids. A stick of rhubarb and a handful of sugar was a big treat too.

Dani, good stuff indeed. She is getting better thanks

Mom, I will try to get you some if I can. It is incredibly good.
I have such great memories of the grandmas and grandpas and all the aunts and uncles and cousins. Love you!

Linda, that is pretty neat! The kids used to be Dairy Ambassadors and made butter at many events, as a demonstration of dairy products. Alan says this butter tastes just like what they made back then

Linda, isn't that funny? I'll bet almost no one eats that today or gives it to their kids. It certainly never hurt us any. We were always going about a hundred miles an hour, all day long when we were kids. Which is probably why we were not anything but skinny.