Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gloom with Grackles

Ditch-dull grey outside with some kind of sleety stuff slotting clickety-clickety against the office windows. Ewww.....

Dog didn't waste any time getting back inside I can tell you. Reminds me of the winter when the next younger brother and I had measles. Lying in the darkened living room at the old farm house down the road from here (lost now to the ravages of northern weather and neglect) books allowed, which was worse than the disease for me. It is dark and wintry like that today...too wintry for March.

The birds don't care. Damn the snowbanks, full speed ahead. I heard the first red-winged black birds when coming over from the barn Monday and right behind them was a trio of silver-eyed common grackles. They clinked and clanked at me and whistled and whoo-whooed, then moved along to wherever they were going.

Back south maybe. Can't say as I would blame them.

Sick all week, but not sick enough not to work. This achy, drainage swamp of a flu-cold went through the whole family, including appending boyfriends, last month for Pete's sake. I nursed everybody else or worried about them or said kind things to them, but never got a sniffle myself. Which was odd.

Then weeks later, wham. Yeah, not sick enough to not work, just sick enough to not want to. Oh, well, I am sure the old immune system is getting a great boost.

Got the computer running at least. Took Keith's advice and ditched Zone Alarm, which according to the boards does this a lot (had to work in safe mode to do it) . Guess I will have to use the Windows firewall, which isn't supposed to be much good. However, a firewall, which locks the whole computer so I can't even type up the minutes of last month's Farm Bureau meeting (yeah, Johnny on the spot, that's me) is no good at all.

Anyhow, today I am thankful for daughters who bring cough drops, sons who milk most of my cows when they are home, another daughter who feeds calves early so she can help when the brother is at school, and shiny, black, spring birds (which I will hate when they start cruising the front pasture slurping up nestlings like canap├ęs.) Have a good one!


Dani said...

Feel better soon my friend. :)

Jan said...

I used Zone Alarm for a year. It totally took charge of my computer, sometimes for good, sometimes for evil.

Rev. Paul said...

I used AVB & Zone Alarm - mostly because they're free - for a few years, until my PC was invaded by something that "grayed out" every executable file on the hard drive. One new PC later, I finally bit the bullet & bought Trend Micro's Internet Security Suite & haven't had a single problem since. YMMV of course, but I don't trust Zone Alarm.

Cathy said...

Have a good one!?
I was having a Great one reading this delightful post til I got to the 'slurping'!
Holy Kamoly!
I didn't know they did that ;-(

CTG Ponies said...

Feel better! I had a similar cold not that long ago. Felt yucky for about 3 days and then started to feel better.

Cathy said...


Guilty admission:
I had to suppress a giggle at that simile:
" . . . like canapes."


Hey. Hope you're feeling better. I'm waiting for my antibiotic to kick in.

Linda said...

We've had more gloomy days than I can ever remember...and all we've got are sparrows and magpies. Wanted: Jack Frost......DEAD!

lisa said...

Hope you get to feeling better and everyone is taking care of you! I thought I was seeing things when I saw the red winged black birds at the feeders the other day or was that last week.

threecollie said...

Dani, thank you!

Jan, yeah, I have had it on and off over the years. It will work fine for a while, then they will write a lousy update and boom!

Rev. Paul, I used AVG for a while, but it did the same thing. Thanks for the advice on TMS. I am thinking of going back to a pay service. (Had Norton for a while, and got a virus, which they generously charged me a hundred bucks to remove.)

Cathy, nasty things. I can tell from the kitchen (back of the house) when they are on the prowl out front. The catbirds and mockingbirds set up an awful racket.

CTG, thanks! It is a nasty one and I am ready to get it over with. lol

Cathy, thanks, I hope it does and you are well as well.

Linda ditto on that! I am just hoping that this miserable weather gets it out of its system and spring lives up to its reputation this year.

Lisa, thanks! It seems late for them to me, but joated heard a woodcock down in PA so I am listening every night now.

DayPhoto said...

Feel better soon. Just seeing a Red-Wing Blackbird brings hope!