Friday, March 25, 2011

Hairy Butt

Hairy woodpecker that is. We have downies all the time, but this pair of hairies is the first in a long while. I heard them before I saw them..their chinking call is quite different, louder and more musical, than that of the downies. For some reason the female spent at least ten minutes guddling around under the stones in the herb garden the other day. Photo was taken through the window so it isn't the greatest, but I guess you can get the idea.

Things are in a sort of holding pattern here. Mud, sunken driveway, hard to get at the feed. Just waiting for better weather to bless us. It is always thus in early spring.....however, I visited the garden section while picking up a few things at Wally World yesterday.

What a sweet renewal! Red flower pots! Green flower pots! Dirt! Peat pellets! Seeds, seeds, seeds! Felt like a kid at a carnival.

Life was worth living again... I am going to save up and have me one of those glazed red flower pots with the nice water catchers, yes I am. Wouldn't it look nice with a bright, cardinal red geranium planted in it? And I just happen to have a baby one out on the kitchen window sill.


Anonymous said...

Isn't a grand day when you "just happen to have one" of something?
= Bill

Anonymous said...

The missing "it" is here ... I just happen to have one.
= Bill

lisa said...

We have a couple of the Hairy's here! The flower pot sounds nice, maybe you won't have to save and someone really nice will get you one instead ;)

Dani said...

HAIRY'S!!!!!! That is so cool!

Earl said...

My wife got me into the soil turning, the swamp are only dampened now, no longer deepening, and she brought plants home some were even planted before the rains drove her inside again. I have to go get chicken manure... sigh, another beautiful year of growth, enjoy!

threecollie said...

Bill, it is indeed!

Lisa, they are so big compared to the downies! I have to get some more suet out for them!

Dani, for some reason we rarely have them, although the downies stay all summer and bring the kids to the big suet feeder as soon as they are fledged.

Earl, thanks I think I will. Got to start more stuff today. lol

Cathy said...

Oh! I was right in the garden aisle with you ;o)

Yes! The red pot!