Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supposed to be a Farm Blog

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Yeah, this is.

In theory at least.

But I can't get away from my fascination with other stuff.

Thus you will have to suffer with more birds etc. They put the glitter on otherwise very cold and miserable days. Last night I lingered in the last rays of sunset listening to a thousand, or a thousand dozen, or a bazillion geese down on the river urgently shuffling around before sleep. I have been hoping every night and daybreak for a woodcock but not a peent or a whistle had I heard.

However as I marveled at the geese in their many, with more winding in all the time, I heard the musical whistle of timberdoodle wings, right over the house. The boss was coming across and I pointed it out to him...not too impressed. Oh well.

He was heading up to his aunt's house for his last thing at night, every night, chore of filling her stove with wood, so we talked and listened to the peenting for a minute. The bird flew right at us just as he closed the car door.

Sadly that seemed to scare him away and although I froze my ears for a good long while I didn't hear him again. Here's hoping he will return, even if his stomping ground is a little farther out in the field than right by the lawn where he was last night.

Speaking of birds...turkeys...yeah...we have turkeys. So does Jeffro.


Dani said...

It's a good thing I don't live close. I'd be out there trying to snag myself a turkey.

Earl said...

After looking in on the few returning wild turkeys in parts of Kansas, that massive flock needs some faster predators. Always nice pictures and a wonder to see the ones everywhere when I get off of touring blogs and leave the homestead.

Woodswalker said...

It IS a farm blog. All farms have visiting critters. But not all farmers are as observant nor as appreciative of the wild ones as you are. I just love your posts.

Jeffro said...

Thanks for the link!

In other news, stepping out this morning, hearing all the birds, one distinctive sound stood out.

The angry, aggressive chirp of a barn swallow.

Oh, joy.....

And, why even have a farm blog if you can't express the joy of the high points and the little extras of living on one? Yeah, we might miss seeing Kevin Spacey ride by on his scooter, or eating a wonderful single slice of pizza from a street vendor in the shade of skyscrapers, but those urbanites miss what we enjoy and makes us tick!

Cathy said...

Wow! Turkeys! Lots of 'em.
Makes you wonder how animals survive these long brutal winters.

Love hearing about those birds on the river below you, there.

I've got to get out to the country and listen for that peent while my ears are still working :0)

DayPhoto said...

I love how you ramble onto stuff you find intersting. I like the same stuff as you.


Floridacracker said...

Your banner DOES say " ...in the wilds ..."

So, you are covered.

P.S: My word verification is "psycho".
Did you put them up to that?

Linda said...

There is more to life than what we do........that's why there are geese and turkey's of "various" kinds;) I saw three geese fly over this morning....I imagine they'll be skidding to a stop on the river somewhere for the night.

Keith Wilson said...

...and I thought you were a dairy farmer. (by the way - I always call your blog Northview DAIRY, a mental mistake but it does seem more appropriate)

Turns out it's actually Northview Turkey farm. You really had us fooled.... gobble-gobble

Dani said...

Here turkey, turkey, turkey.

threecollie said...

Dani, wish I could send you one...or maybe fifty

Earl, that is just a little flock. Sometimes there are a hundred or more in a bunch. Guess the coyotes can't fly.

WW, thank you! We do have a lot of wildlife

Jeffro, I envy you the barn swallow. I love them, but they rarely nest here for some reason. No shortage of turkeys though. We should do a trade.

Cathy, I am enjoying the river concert so much. The woodcock hasn't been back though

Linda, I am glad. It is the best part of my world.

FC, hmmm....wonder if they were describing the author....

Linda, so cool to see them cupping in against the sunset

Keith, you really are right. We have many more turkeys than we have dairy cows. That is just one flock. lol

Dani, I am going to run out and grab one and box it up and send it south. Hey, I am teaching Nick to drive chickens! Maybe he can get one!

Jeffro said...

I wish I could send all the barn swallows to you. I wouldn't even need to trade. I can't stand 'em - they are such pests.

threecollie said...

Jeffro, I would take all you've got, if only they would come here and stay. lol We are kind of the same way about the turkeys. We have hundreds and when we plant they stuff their crops with pounds and pounds of seed. When it is alfalfa or trefoil or something like that it is plumb painful.