Monday, April 11, 2011

Dawn Walk

This week's Sunday Stills got me thinking of sunrises and landscapes. When the sun started peeping out yesterday Nick and I ventured to the top of the heifer pasture hill with the camera.

There was not a lot going on bird wise..robins, killdeers, crows and assorted black birds, titmice, song sparrows and such.

The mist was rising off the grass though, the river was reflecting softly, the dog was being a good boy, and the sun put on a fine show.

Shadow farm wife with shadow farm dog


June said...

Such peace.

Rev. Paul said...

That REALLY reminds me of deer hunting, back in the Midwest. Beautiful & peaceful.

Jeff said...

beautiful, I see spring is coming for you. We haven't gotten it here in Maine yet, but I'm headed to Fingerlakes Track with a load of horses tonight, so I guess I can borrow some of your weather. Thanks for the Pics-

lisa said...

Cool, You sure do have some great views from on top of that Mountain. Sure miss being able to go on top of them. I can still remember going with mappy to do mowing!

Linda said...

I can smell spring in them thar pictures!

DayPhoto said...

AH!!! Spring at last! Lovely!


threecollie said...

June, it sure was nice out there, just me and my Nick

Rev. Paul,, lots of deer too, although I didn't see any then. They LOVE my garden. lol

Jeff, thank you! I'll bet it is gorgeous out there in the Finger Lakes region. We don't get out there much but it is really lovely when we do.

Lisa, way back in the day! Wish you could too...maybe someday...

Linda, first thunderstorm of the season last night...It is here, at least for the moment (kinda cold and grey today though)

Linda, back to rain and cold today, but it was very nice while it lasted.

Cathy said...

There's something about your own shadow that is interesting.
I've taken pictures like that and really enjoyed it.

Do you remember the line from Out of Africa where she wonders " . . or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me . .?"

I think it's one of the most haunting passages ever written.

(The rising sun through trees - loveliest sight in the world)

threecollie said...

Cathy, it has been so long since I read Out of Africa...I was just a kid minding the bookstore for the folks...that I barely remember it. Guess I better read it again.

Cathy said...

Oh! Oh! Rent the movie. Meryl Streep over-voices those lines in the movie.