Monday, April 25, 2011

Franklinton Vlaie

Goose fight! Look at the lady goose egging the fellas on

And stay out!

Click for details on the bout

A few of the many swallows hunting the water

Vlaie is a Dutch word for swamp. Franklinton Vlaie is located in Schoharie County NY right along Route 145. Alan and I took one of our now and again birding and picture taking trips down there Easter Sunday. For a gloomy, grey, almost raining day it was not bad at all. We saw:

Red winged black birds by the dozens
Flocks and flocks of tree swallows with one cliff swallow thrown in
Canada geese
Song sparrows
Common crows
an Osprey
Great Blue herons
Blue jays
Common grackle
Northern Flicker
Turkey Vulture


June said...

The "widespread wings" picture in the collage gives me an idea of the origin of military uniforms.
Quite a series.
I didn't know vlaie, and thought maybe it was related to Valatie, so I had to Google the latter. They are sort of related, Valatie coming from the Dutch "vaaltje" for "little falls."
How 'bout that?

joated said...

Nice! Love your collages. Franklinton Vlaie looks like a nice place to walk long as there's sufficient wind to keep the skeeters at bay.

Most of the time you see "vlaie" spelled "vly" on the maps. At least that's my experience over to the west side of the Adirondack Park.

Linda said...

Geese can be SO mean. Great collages!

Floridacracker said...

Wow! Neat!
I have a new word for swamp thanks to you!

lisa said...

Looks like you and Alan had a great adventure! We loved seeing for coffee too!

threecollie said...

June, I have to laugh because the college kids and even some of the maps call it vlaie pond, which translates to swamp pond...

joated, thanks, the black flies were just tuning the buzz around your head making you wave your arms like you were directing traffic, but not biting yet stage. I have seen it spelled both ways. Vly is certainly easier.

Linda, thanks, they sure can. It was some fight and the female goose was right there hollering at them through the whole affair.

FC, you see the Dutch and Mohawk words on place names a lot around this neighborhood. They tend to be hard to spell and in the case of some Mohawk names, really hard to pronounce. lol

Lisa, it was really fun! Amazing seeing the Osprey, which flew right over us. And Alan got the spotting scope set up so I could actually see through it.

Woodswalker said...

It must have been Go For a Walk With Grown-up Sons Day, since that's what I did too. Glad to see you had a ring-side seat for the big goose battle.

threecollie said...

Ww, we sure had a nice time. Wouldn't have minded a little sun, but it was still good to be outside.