Saturday, April 09, 2011


Where the woodcock was

Sorry about the light posting lately. Combination of it is nice enough to go out and work and nothing we are doing is all that interesting. After a long winter with a lot of snow there is much manure to move. Moving it is a necessary and valuable activity, but, let's face it, it is neither pretty nor interesting.

However, this kind of weather takes the curse off almost anything. Until the wheelbarrow broke, I was shoveling horse poo in large quantities yesterday....and liking it. (I kept wondering what those little black parts I was finding on the ground were....hmmm.....then the whole wheel assembly fell off, making the answer to that question perfectly and painfully clear.)

If I changed this to a bird and frog blog there would be much more to report. Alan is pretty sure there is an indigo bunting in the hedge row next to the house. He has very sharp eyes and I trust his judgement. Frogs are migrating nights down on Corbin Hill Rd. He keeps stopping to move them out of the road and I keep praying he doesn't get himself hit. The garden pond is still just a dank, dark pit full of winter debris, but I will be fixing that any day now...just got to dig out the pump and filter.

Meeting was good...another indication of how much farmers care about their critters...lots of good programs to help one do a better job. NYSCHAP is one fine example. NY is lucky to have it. Hope it continues to survive budget cuts.

We are still having enormous bull calf after enormous bull calf. Usually for some weird reason we get a lot of bull calves from bulls we buy from the stud and many more heifers from the bulls we draw ourselves. This year...nothing but bulls. I think we have had four or five heifers all together and we lost one of them. At least Liz's best cows had girls, so we have Bling and Chrome, and Becky has Testify. I will be glad when the brunt of calving is done with though, pasture is up, and the cows can go outside to stay for the summer. Can't wait to build the fence.


Dani said...

We love coming here. Birds, frogs, farmin' it's all good.

June said...

Oh, I wouldn't mind hearing about the manure-moving. I like to hear about other people working. :-p

Cathy said...

" . . . pasture is up . ."

Lovely. And I imagine that's common parlance in the farming community, but not to me.

And yes . . Alan is a dear young man for his concern for those frogs - and you keep on him about dodging traffic.

P.S. You must be in great shape and able to eat whatever you desire :0)

Linda said...

We go in fits and starts between all bulls and all heifers but I suppose over a ten year period it evens out.

Floridacracker said...

What a bunch of bull.


Jeff said...

I'd love to hear about you guys moving manure.... it's nice to feel less alone with these chores

How many are you milking?

Cathy said...

OK. FC wins this one for hilarious brevity.

threecollie said...

Dani, thanks!

June, well, the boss uses a skid steer and a manure it's a wheelbarrow and a fork...manure fork that is. lol

Cathy, oh, how I wish that last statement was true. lol. I am a wienie...and far from thin.

Linda, same here, but this year, dang! Another one yesterday and another today.

FC, BIG bunch, lol, but mostly heifer and cow with a little chicken and horse thrown in

Jeff, somewhere between forty and fifty....give or take

Cathy, FC has that whole hilarious thing going on all the time...only guy I know who can make puns funny