Monday, April 18, 2011

How Much Actual Cheese

The "Noses" along the Mohawk River

In boxed Mac and Cheese? You might be surprised.


Jeff said...

I went to the deli counter at the supermarket once, and asked for a pound of American cheese- but didn't specify which brand. They handed me a pound of something called "Pasteurized Cheese Product" ????

As to the dairy industry's problem, I suspect it has something to do with the milk price being based on the price junk cheese brings on the CME

lisa said...

The son loves the stuff but the hubby likes the real deal.

Linda said...

I have to have the real deal too! It's one of my favorite weaknesses;)

DayPhoto said...

I love homemade mac and cheese! The real stuff!!!


threecollie said...

Jeff, it is outrageous! And they want to change the standard of identity for ice cream so they can make that out of junk too...not that they pay any attention to the standards anyhow. And the CME, oh, man, that is just a crime. Trade a few blocks of imaginary cheese that never actually changes hands and lower the milk price for thousands of nice if somebody cared enough to fix that mess

Lisa, we eat it camp week...and I make sure and never buy the kind made by the company that starts with K because they are not so very nice to dairy farmers. Otherwise Becky has a great recipe that she has worked on over the years, for the real deal, and we have that. one of these days I will put the recipe up

Linda, we love it! The real kind, not the boxed gunk

Linda B, you betcha, nothing better on a cold winter day.