Friday, April 08, 2011


I take a lot of photos of this big spruce on our neighbor's lawn. About twice a week the boss looks out the window and says, "You know, that tree is just about perfect."

I guess it is and photogenic too. About two seconds after I took this the woodcock blew out of the bushes right at my feet, which made me very glad I walked down the driveway instead of driving.


Cathy said...

Beautiful picture. Perfect tree.
All that AND a woodcock.
Perfect day :0)

Rev. Paul said...

Living here in the frozen north, we tend to forget what a fat, wide spruce looks like. The local trees are tall but spindly, with short branches, so that heavy snows won't break them.

That view is beautiful; I can see why you like it.

DayPhoto said...

That is a beautiful tree! Your photo is very well done.


CTG Ponies said...


threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks, the woodcock was such a gift!

Rev. Paul, I never thought about that. Interesting. This tree can be seen from our living room window and it is just so pretty at sunrise when the sun comes up all around it, as well as at sunset in the reflected light. I think we have a nicer view than the folks whose house is shaded by it.

Linda, thanks!