Thursday, April 14, 2011

One of THOSE Days

After the usual round of morning chores, milking, feeding, stables etc. the boss and I have to make our annual pilgrimage to the accountant to sign and send the dreaded tax paperwork, then off to the National Resources Conservation Service for still more paperwork. Then a Farm Bureau meeting after chores tonight. Have to prepare a short report for that.

I am such a homebody. I have to be dragged away from here kicking and screaming, especially for business nuisances like today. Argghhh Night meetings about do me in...I'm a morning person; my brain shuts off at around 4PM and I get through the rest of the day on auto pilot.....maybe coffee will help with this situation.Maybe a lot of coffee....

The river looks really weird this morning. I wonder if they are closing the locks or something. Right here in front of the house you can still see the stony banks, but a bit to the east and north it appears much wider than it has been and seems to protrude up into the cornfields on the north shore. I am going to ask the boss to look at it when he gets up...he grew up here and knows more of how it normally looks than I do. ***Later, looks weird to him too, he doesn't know what is up.

Despite being dumped back into cold and gloomy weather, the greening up of the fields is proceeding apace. Sure looks good. I am going to pick a handful of grass for the peacocks today and see what they think about that. They are eating better now and ate an apple and half a yam this week along with their usual stuff. They are such intriguing birds. I going to fit up an old dog run so they can be outdoors as soon as it gets a bit nicer.


Teri Conroy said...

I hate leaving the homestead too. Very few get it, but how it is. I must have missed when you got peacocks! How are they to keep?

lisa said...

I am getting to be that way more and more, not wanting to leave. But it is because when I leave it is to do things that have to be done not for just the heck of it. This weather sure does stink, but like you said it is greening up pretty good.

Linda said...

I hate to be away from home most of the time too but I'm running out of food so I think I'll have to make a grocery run after this storm.

threecollie said...

Teri, Happiness is a day at home! The jury is kind of out on the pea cocks. I love them! But there doesn't seem to be enough information online to let me know if I am going a good job with them...but I love them!

lisa, I don't blame you a bit. You have a really nice home and farm and it is a good place to be

Linda, I am in that boat too. The cupboards are so bare they are going to be charged with indecent exposure I don't go shopping soon.