Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rinse Cycle

Upstate NY style.

Yeah, March looks like dragging on at least into August.

If you are droughty blame NY. Flood watches, flood warnings, cold, cold, cold, trains keeping us awake all night because the lowering clouds send the noise right up here.

We have your rain.

All of it, or so it seems.

If I could catch it and read its license tags I would call the rain control officer and send it back.

I know you need it......

And we just......don't...

Hey, wait, maybe it is micro chipped!


Jeffrey said...

so sorry to hear that....
Unfortunately we have the cold, damp, and foggy thing happening here on the coast of Maine. I hope this breaks before haying season

Anonymous said...

Of course it is chipped - that way it shows up on radar.
- Bill

joated said...

"Yeah, March looks like dragging on at least into August."

Oh, please, NO!

I know the 15-day forecast on AccuHunch isn't promising, but perhaps--maybe--Oh, Lord, PLEASE!--May will see things at least dry out a bit more and the grass and crops will just shoot up as we watch!

Wouldn't that be sweet? At least better than chilly and rainy 5 out of seven days a week. (The other two have been average temp but sunny--mostly.)

Linda said...

We too, are wondering when March is going to end......we had a "sort of" April days yesterday but this morning we're socked in with fog.

DayPhoto said...

March is still here also. Cold enough for a morning fire, rain, snow and spitting rain. I'm sure tired of it. Had a lovely day Saturday...I was just sure that the weather had turned to warm...wrong.


Dani said...

I sure could use some of that rain.

Vicki Lane said...

Enjoying catching up with your posts -- I've been craving cookies and your choc chip pictures may have pushed me over the edge... must bake!

We've been fortunate, so far, in our weather though our neighbors just over the mountains in East Tennessee have been getting too much rain.

Jan said...

Center of California
No drought here

I like to hang my sheets outside to get that wonderful outdoor smell. Took a week of sudden rains to get them dry. But they were very well rinsed.

Cathy said...

Well, don't send it to us here in Ohio! We'll just have to forward it further west :-)

My farmer nephew was well into his corn planting this time last year. This year - miserable.

Love the picture.

Faithful said...

I'm thinkin' we will just drop from March right into July heat! No spring here! Bah!

Ericka said...

it was chipped, but the humidity shorted it out. :-/

hope you manage to dry out soon.

threecollie said...

Jeffrey, it sure is hanging on this year. We are looking for grass, but not much is growing.

Bill, rofl, excellent!!!

joated, it is so cold! Even with the wood furnace going full tilt the house is damp and chilly. Ready for a change

Linda, we had just enough nice days to tantalize us, then we got mired down in this mess.

Linda, it is hard to believe that May is almost upon us!

Dani, I would sure love to share!

Vickie, thanks! I follow a couple of bloggers from Tennessee and the wonderful flowers just make me sigh. We will get there in due time, but not yet I guess.

Jan, those clothes in the pic are still out there. lol, sooner or later I will bring them in.

Cathy, I feel for him! Alan has been pointing out to us how much he had plowed last year at this time and how he was cutting class to get on the land. This year it is so cold even fencing is unpleasant.

Faithful, almost May and still so cold..you said it right, Bah!

Ericka, lol, thanks!