Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Lovage, an appropriate herb for a wedding rant, don't you think?

Is perhaps the most annoying event in history. Why does anyone care? What is so awfully special about them-there two rich and privileged folks anyhow?

Weddings should be about family and friends and caring couples, not bazillions of strangers and a lot of money and obsessing about every meaningless detail of every pointless tradtion.

The boss and I did it right. We got my brother to do one milking for me at the farm where I was working as herdsman and eloped.

Just drove up to Johnstown to Justice McVean and got married in his living room with our two best friends to stand up for us.

It was quiet, sweet, and moving. It meant so much to me that I struggled to hold back tears...and I am not exactly the queen of overt displays of emotions.

And it was private.

When we were well and truly wed, our friends took us out for Chinese, the first time I had ever eaten Chinese btw. Heartbreakingly, my dear-best-girl-friend-ever had such terrible health problems that a few years later she couldn't remember anything about the day, and sadly she is gone now. We will always remember her with particular love though...always...

The marriage has lasted almost 26 years now (and so has the liking for Chinese food). I wish the royals as much fun and challenge and struggle and satisfaction as we have had.....but I sure wonder whether the world will let them have it.


Anonymous said...

i admit i'm watching it but only 'cause nothing else is on and Horse Saga won't load on FB

dickiebo said...

'Why does anyone care? What is so awfully special about them-there two rich and privileged folks anyhow?'
Well, I'll tell you. The alternative is that we end up with a President, and after seeing yours, I think ANYbody would prefer our system!
Well, you did ask!

Jeff said...

I refuse to watch. The whole thing makes me crazy. The British are totally insane about their royals. I remember when Andrei Agassi refused to bow to the queen my stepfather (who is Scottish) was very angry about it- and I was thinking that I wouldn't have either.

It sounds like you had a wonderful wedding. Kudos for making such a special day matter.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking the same thing! We also eloped fifty years ago with no regrets! linda

threecollie said...

Beck, I don't mind folks watching it. I mind being subjected to dozens of play by plays everywhere around me.

Sorry Dickiebo, didn't mean to step on your toes. If we could trade in our president I would listen to the wedding every day. lol

Jeff, I don't watch and don't listen voluntarily. Alas....I am surrounded by folks who do. Arggghhhh

Linda, good for you! And fifty years! Congrats on that!

lisa said...

I agree, my nice little wedding with just a few friends and family outside our home was perfect for us Too, and still the best after 24 years! The tornadoe warnings kept me awake most of the morning yesterday! We are up to and past our ankles here! Not nice at all.

Linda said...

We got married the same way you did.....with a couple of friends standing up for us one evening. The pastor that married us had been painting and had some on his face;) Chinese food was on the menu afterwards. I'll be glad when all the hoopla is over and it will be even better after next week when our election bickering comes to an end!

Jan said...

Being a confirmed Anglophile I had to watch some footage this morning. What struck me is that they looked like such a happy little island of two in a sea of pomp and hyperbole.

I too hope the world lets them stay than way.

dickiebo said...

threecollie; You can step on my toes any time you like. You see, we speak the same language; It's called 'The Truth'. At least, as we see it!
Dickiebo XXX

joated said...

I speaking about the FOUR faily weddings I will be attneding this summer, I opined that the best is the last Kristen and Rich are using the old "a ladder before and a post card after" plan.

The "reception" will be at te fire hall the next day.

threecollie said...

Lisa, you did have a very pleasant wedding...nice husband too. lol. I am sick of the tornado business already. What a year for crazy weather!

Linda, isn't that funny that you folks had Chinese too? The restaurant where we ate is long gone...burned down actually...but there is a nice Chinese take out place right across the river. I do love the stuff.

Jan, exactly! I wish them well too

Thanks, Dickie, I sure didn't mean to make you mad at me. Your humor blog is my first stop every morning to get my smiling muscles limbered up!

Joated, four! Yowsa! I am such a hermit that would drive me crazy! The whole ladder and post card concept sounds just fine to me. lol

Cathy said...

Awwww . .. :0)

I love the telling of your wedding.

Ours was similar.

Just can't believe it was 45 years ago!

threecollie said...

Cathy, 45 years! Congratulations to you both. That is just wonderful!