Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spilled Milk

The EPA wants everyone to cry over it.


Jan said...

Decisions with no scientific backing or common sense many times have we heard this?

Rev. Paul said...

Having watched moon-suited workers ahem "carefully" bulldozing & then shoveling dioxin-contaminated dirt into plastic trash bags at a SUPERFUND site in my county, years ago, their decisions are a laughingstock and national disgrace. But then, that's what our .gov seems to be most famous for: disgraceful decisions and pointless technocracy.

"Land of the free", my aunt Fanny.

DayPhoto said...

Boy do I know these people well!



NumberWise said...

That's a great video! The intro really catches one's attention.

This is outrageous. We all need to pull together to vote out these politicians who support these regulations.

threecollie said...

Jan, the EPA is out of control and legislating by regulation all over the place like a cheap shotgun armed with poison

Rev. Paul, it's nuts and it is downright anti-American.

Linda, they have their fingers in everything

NW, there isn't a soul inside the Beltway who got my vote or the vote of anyone in our family. And it is not hard to see why.

Cathy said...

That opening was just perfect.
Let's just pray that this country is ALLOWED to reclaim its good sense.