Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

Pileated woodpecker lunch counter
. Must be some bugs in this cherry tree that he wanted to eat.

And this gold finch must have had a real wild night; (prolly up at the bonfire) he still has his sunflower seed party hat on...

**sorry about the less than great photo...taken through the kitchen window.


Dani said...

We had a Pileated in the yard a few weeks ago. Living in the concrete jungle you don't expect to see such wonderful birds.

lisa said...

I think they were hungry! Great picture, too bad we couldn't of seen the critter that made the holes.

Keith Wilson said...

That must be a black-cherry tree.
Any photos of the big pilated?
Are you sure they aren't making a nest in one of those holes?
Looks like a pilated condo complex.

Any more holes in that thing and you're going to have a cherry log.

Rev. Paul said...

Are you sure that's a tree, and not the world's largest alto recorder?

Anonymous said...

When I see this tree, The vision of a giant bird feeder comes to my mind. Whack off about a 4-5 ft section, dig out the center, cap,plug and modify holes for landing. You would be the only kid on your block to have one!
Note: You might have to cash in your savings bonds to buy food to fill it.
- Bill

threecollie said...

Dani, they are so cool! We rarely actually see them, but you can sure tell that they are around

Lisa, wish I could get a photo of one, but I never have

Keith, yes, a black cherry. Alas no photos of the carpenter. I think they are too low and too small for a nest, although we see them often enough that I suspect that they do nest nearby. I'm afraid it will be a log, next time one of the men goes cutting firewood in that woods.

Rev. Paul lol, they are lined up pretty good aren't they?

Bill, now there is an idea!

Linda said...

Looks like a regular apartment building they've got going on there.

Cathy said...

Wow. It's so nice to see evidence that these great birds are with us. You're so lucky to witness this and get to see such a neat tree.

threecollie said...

Linda, it was funny. I saw the two little holes when we were building fence. Then I happened to walk around the tree and saw the long row. I think he was drilling for something tasty.

Cathy, we see them down here every now and again, but I think they hang out regularly in the neighbor's wild woods. I have designs on that tree. Now that the bird has wrecked it, I am thinking firewood.