Saturday, April 30, 2011

While the Cat's Away the Mice Will

Mirror, mirror
on the wall

Keep a close eye on everything, and lock the gate, and listen hard for the dog to bark if anyone messes around the barn or tool shed.

Today is the Sprout Brook Auction. Go! Have fun! Say hi to the boss and most of the rest of the family, who will be there. The boss is auctioneering and everyone else is just watching the bargains and schmoozing with friends.

Except Becky and me. We are here, holding down the fort, keeping safe the cows and listening for that dog. I don't mind a bit except for the repelling boarders part. Chores are done, cows fed, bedded and milked, barn clean, peacocks fed; time for breakfast. It is for the moment peaceful and calm and we can hope it stays that way.

****Oh, wait, I do have a dutiful destination in today's peregrinations. Gotta go out and take photos of rust for Sunday Stills. Shouldn't be too terribly hard around this place. No lack of material.


Jeff said...

Enjoy your day! How much new stuff will they bring home to you? I go to an auction to sell stuff and sometimes come home with more than I took..... not a popular thing with the family lol

Earl said...

Sorry you are just home, but that is a good place to be, having spent much of my life away from it.

Just for you:

another blogger covering crime and cows

Linda said...

I'm having a day like you and still haven't got my SS photos either but THAT shouldn't be hard.....rust never sleeps.

lisa said...

I visited with Uncle Rich and with Liz and Jade and Alan! I did the bidding for Matt, he hates to do it and I love it, I could get into this auction stuff ;)

threecollie said...

Jeff, it was great! Got all my work done and still had lots of time to wander around taking pictures. And we sold our spray rig and got a better price than we had expected for it.

Earl, I was delighted to be home. I am a terrible hermit and stay home most of the time. lol I read that story about the milk thief. Silly kid. I think it was a prank gone wrong. He should have known better.

LInda, I had so much time to myself despite getting all my chores done, that I had lots of time to go hunt up rust. Didn't have to look too far. lol

Lisa, cool! Ralph bought me another Peck's Lake style metal chair, which is just delightful! I had a really nice day just puttering to my heart's content. I do love to putter. And we put one of Matt's old locks on the gate so I didn't have to worry much about sneak thieves.....although I did check the barn pretty often. glad you had fun!