Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wicked Weather

We just got regular spring thundershowers. (Not like we needed the rain or anything, but not much harm done.) However, up west of here, right near the homes of some of the kids' friends it was really wild I guess.

Meanwhile, Liz bought me my first ice cream of the season. I took a ride up west with her yesterday as she had to get some hay and shavings and feed all the horses she and the BF care for. She stopped at Auntie Kim's and got me some sort of orange pineapple concoction that was perfect for our first really hot, sunny day of the year.

I also discovered that the weather this winter simply wiped out my herb garden. The lovage lived, as did the garlic chives, walking onions, regular chives and orange mint.

Pretty much everything else seems to be completely gone. Can you imagine a winter nasty enough to kill spearmint!?!

I began a complete do-over, re-dig mission so I can get some new thyme and such for the empty spots. Sadly the speedwell also bit the dust after nearly ten years of out-bluing the skies and jays. That will probably be hard to replace, since I have only ever seen it for sale once...the time I bought it.

In honor of the warmish weather I made hummingbird food this morning. They should be back pretty soon, cold or not.


DayPhoto said...

I have never grown speedwell. After your discription of it I want some. We are wet enough here I really can't get out in the yard, but I hope to this weekend.


joated said...

"Can you imagine a winter nasty enough to kill spearmint!?!"

In a word: "NO!" Especially with the hefty cover of insulating snow we had.

I thought nothing short of thermonuclear attack could kill anything in the mint family and even then it might take two or more nukes to get the job done.

Freste said...

I want to invent a way to turn spearmint and English ivy into an energy source. Grrrr and double growl.

Linda said...

Too soon for hummerfood but never too soon for ice cream.

threecollie said...

LInda, it is incredibly pretty and I am so sad to lose it. If you get a chance to get some you will enjoy it, i'll bet

joated, believe! My spearmint, which is decades old, is gone! I am actually going to have to buy some more because I cook with it all the time

Steve, yeah, you have that nicer climate thing going on. That spearmint is....or least twenty years old. Not a sign of it so far, although the orange mint is straggling up in a couple of spots

Linda, I fill the feeder early to catch passing migrants if there are any. We are close to areas where they show up this early, although I probably won't see any for a while yet.