Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The 11th Highest Property Taxes in the Nation are Right Here at

Home, sweet home....and yes, we had noticed the pain.

But it still really is home, sweet, agricultural, home. Second graders from our local school did pretty darned good in the statewide My Favorite Food contest


Jan said...

We've been protected by Proposition 13 for 30 years to keep the property taxes at reasonable levels.

Naturally our democratic governor is going after it now.

lisa said...

I keep telling Matt that we defiantly live in the wrong state! But what are ya going to do. Every state does have its bad points!

DayPhoto said...

Evan said the taxes there were something else! Here the water is high!


June said...

We need to cultivate industry...almost of ANY kind. It's industry and business that relieves property tax. Where I am, the county planning people do little to no thing to hunt up business, and when they get somebody, they wanna give away the store just to get them in.

threecollie said...

Jan, of course he is. We knew we had some of the highest taxes in the country...now we can prove it.

lisa, pretty awful on the tax front isn't it?

Linda, we compared our property taxes with a friend in Ohio...not even one third of ours!

June, yeah, but the industry doesn't want to pay the high taxes, making for a catch 22 where they have to give the store away. Sure a mess

Anonymous said...

They do that so you will sell out and move to a better place. Look how well it worked for Detroit!

joated said...

Just got a note from up north that they have done a reassesment on the Bolt Hole. Can't wait to see what the new taxes will be. /sarc

Wouldn't be so bad if I could help decide how the money was spent, but, since it's only a part time residence, I don't get to vote on that.

threecollie said...

JB, they go up every single year too...never fails

joated, awful innit? You wouldn't believe what we pay.,..well, maybe you would.