Friday, May 06, 2011

Can't Complain

Of course the lawn is nice and
green and Sadie the pound puppy/deer guard is liking it

About the weather....because it is so much worse in so many other places, but dang it!

We have had the worst spring, rain, and rain, and more rain and so cold they said it was going to snow last night.

The cows should be out to pasture, crops should be getting planted, the garden should be half in, fences built etc. etc.

Instead the cows are languishing in the barn, we are running out of feed, and we can't do a thing about it. Bring on the proper spring weather please, and bring on the green grass! It's time for Pete's sake and past time!

Oh, and locking the gates...yeah that worked. Not. I felt so much more secure with it locked until last night an Amish kid came to the house just after chores to ask if he could hunt (no). And he had come from the barn side and climbed right over the gate, ignoring the dog. Guess we need a longer chain.


June said...

Rain in May: Barn full of hay.
For our haying neighbors, that's good news. For me, it means the field walking will soon be limited...and ticks galore!

joated said...

This was the first week the farmer down the hill was able to let his milk cows head out to the pasture. Prior to that they were, like yours, confined to the barnyard. Now, the grass is green and, more importantly, dry. He doesn't grow any crops, besides hay, so he's got no plowing to do. Others nearby have finally been able to get some tilling done and will probably get the seed in the ground within the week--IF the weather cooperates.

I find myself wishing for some of that danged Global Warming! (Couldn't get your cows to fart more, could you?)

Anonymous said...

Same in S IN, no garden and river flooding. No crops planted. Next will be heat and humidity!linda

Linda said...

We've had a cold spring too......I don't envy you all the chores. I hope it warms up for both of us. I'm happy we live in the middle of nowhere and don't have strangers pop up unannounced and the door.

DayPhoto said...

We are having the same type of spring. Snow predicted for Tuesday coming up. The sweet corn has been in the ground for four weeks come Monday with nothing coming up. The sweet corn farmers said the seed rotted.


Jan said...

joated could have not stated it better. Where is Global Warming now that we need it? And what is with those non-farting cows that could bring it on?

Dani said...

Strange weather it seems everywhere right now.

threecollie said...

June, that is the theory. And boy, are you right about the ticks! We are fighting over the Off!

joated, I guess ours are going out today, although the grass isn't too great yet.

Linda, looks like we may have two or three days of dry weather, but it is supposed to rain again next weekend. Pretty discouraging isn't it?

Linda, we felt pretty safe until that kid showed up. We are going to run electric wire over there now.

LInda, what a terrible shame! We haven't even bought ours yet and if this keeps up I guess we won't bother

Joated, yeah, I keep looking for some signs of warmth, but not finding any.

Dani, that is for sure!