Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Now when you travel to distant cities for National Farmers Organization you can get a rental car and see the sights.
Love you!

And to add to the ongoing drama the boss was attacked by a cow yesterday...he came in and told me that I probably would have been calling the undertaker if it wasn't for the cow in the photo above, Mandy. Mandy is Liz's retired show cow, kinda dumb...or so we thought...but very sweet. Yesterday cow #171 charged the boss when he was calling the cows...from behind...

He heard the slurping of running hooves in the mud and turned around to see her racing at him with her head down. He didn't have a stick (he never does) and couldn't move in the mud...he has trouble picking up his one leg anyhow. As he watched his life flash before his eyes a big, black bolt slammed 171 right in the side, nearly knocking her down.

Old Mandy had seen her charging and ran in and nailed her before she could get to him. Every now and then a cow will do something like that and just astonish us. They aren't big on communication, don't wag their tails or sit at your feet. Still they must relate to us in some way, perhaps as especially dumb calves or weak and stupid herd mates.

Now the debate is on about what to do with the offender. We are short on cows and she is a good milker, dry right now and due for a calf in a couple of weeks. My vote is to send her over to the sale just the same. I would rather be short on cows than short on husbands. Others think we should maybe put a ring in her nose like a bull and let her drag a short chain from it so she can't run with her head down. For now at least she is going to stay in the barn anyhow.


June said...

Wonder what put a bug up her ...????

Paintsmh said...

Mandy is a protector. She's saved me more than once...And she is only dumb in the barn...

Dani said...

Happy Birthday Liz!

Whoa! Y'all have not had the best week that's for sure.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Happy Birthday Liz!

I'm with you on the solution, kudos to Mandy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Happy birthday day young lady. Hope your foot heals quick collies, glad the boss wasn't mangled and don't mess with the ring and chain as it doesn't work. I had a couple different bulls and steer who tried to jump fence so we put a ring in their nose and a long chain and it didn't slow them down a bit after a day or so when they figured out how to manipulate the chain. Sell her. Life is too short. That's my input. Of course if your husband is like most ag people, he already has his mind made up and that is the end of it. ;-)

Susan Rose said...

I hope you have a good reward for Mandy! What she did is amazing and heartwarming.

Earl said...

Great picture and wonderful story, one that I would have loved on the evening news, much better than what resides there now.

I would sell the offender, or train her to saddle so the Boss could ride her as he gets the cows in... I have no idea about real solutions.

joated said...

Hope Mandy got some extra special grain! She earned it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Liz!

Cathy said...

Dear good Mandy! What a story! Just amazing.
Your relief and the boss's must be profound.
I'd be finding him a good stout stick.

Cathy said...

Oh! I was so carried away by the near miss . .
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!

Jeff said...

That sounds like a cull cow to me... No amount of milk is worth someone's life. Everyone be safe with her!

threecollie said...

June, she is just naturally psycho. don't know why. she kicks terrible too.

Liz, she sure won a gold star that day

Dani, thanks from Liz...and no, it has been pretty lousy I guess

Nita, that cow! She is just plain evil

JB, I agree. Believe it or not, the boss turned her out with the herd again yesterday. I gave him heck. She goes Tuesday to the sale. I am on crutches so I sure can't get away from her if she comes after me and he isn't as quick as he used to be either.

Susan, extra hay and just a taste of extra grain.

Earl, now that is a picture that just tickles me pink. lol

Joated, she did and thank you

Cathy, he just won't take one for some reason. I won't go in a field, even with tame cows, without one. They are bigger and even the kindest ones are quirky and much faster than we are. And thanks for the birthday wishes from LIz

Jeff, thanks, she is leaving Tuesday