Saturday, May 14, 2011

High Gear

Yeah! We are in it. And hoping and praying that the rain holds off...all week if it wants to.

One field is ready for the seeder and the Sudex is waiting to be planted. Another field is started.

New bull is home after an all day trip for the guys to bring him. New pen was built for him in the new woodshed so he can be quarantined for a bit. He is way too friendly and is going to need to learn his place in the grand scheme of things. Nobody needs a friendly dairy bull. Probably a ring in his nose will help.

He is a son of the milking shorthorn bull, Logic, out of a show cow from a herd up north of here. Not as pretty as Promise was when we got him, but he has a half sister that is real nice and we loved his dam when we looked at him last spring (took a long, long time to get him bought.) His name is Hot Fudge......hmmmm.....guess I will call him TNB for short...The New Bull that is.

World Series of Birding is on today in New Jersey. I cannot wait to see the lists of what birds are counted. Cornell fields amazing teams and they have been scouting and posting photos and making my little heart beat apace all week. Field guides can't compare to the pics they put up when it comes to identifying obscure birds. I am confident that I will know some warblers now that I never even tried to look for before. Best of luck to teams Redhead and Anti-Petrel.

*****Can you find Keebler the Shuttlecat in the third photo?


Anonymous said...

I hope he works great for you!

Mappy said...

under foot!!!

LindaGay said...

WOW! He is really nice looking!


threecollie said...

JB, I don't like the way he is so friendly. Makes me real nervous.

Mappy didn't even see her there until I clicked on the photo. Idiot cat!

LG, thanks, we are hoping he works well.

Cathy said...

Crazy cat!
And BTW . . I clicked on some of those Taurus Service photos. Very nice.
Now why is 'friendly' a problem?
He's handsome;-) Why shouldn't he be 'friendly'?

threecollie said...

Cathy, a friendly bull has no respect for a person's space. They are much more likely to decide to kill you because they have no fear of you, than will a standoffish bull, who sees you as just a tad dangerous. Bulls are very, very dangerous, or at least dairy bulls are, more so than beef. When I say kill I mean just that, kill. One of the first places the boss took me when we began dating was to his friend;s funeral. the farm bull killed him when he went to the pasture to get the cows. This guy thinks we are all his good buddies, not such a problem now as he is just a yearling, but because of it we probably won't keep him long.

Cathy said...

Keith and I are sitting here with our jaws on the floor.

We really had no idea that this was such a grave concern.

Gives me a whole no perspective about that bull across the road from my brother's home.


Cathy said...

Talk about a Freudian slip:
I just typed a " whole NO perspective on that bull across the street . "

Broken Barn Industries said...

I finally got a decent picture of a pileated woodpecker- just his head though. His body was hidden by the telephone pole he was on. I broke my leg last fall. Birdwatching all winter kept me sane (and I'm sure helped me to heal).

threecollie said...

BBI, it works for me too.