Monday, May 09, 2011

Hurry Up

The rain has let up for a couple of days so fencing is going on apace. Cows go out today if we get the electric fence working right. Always an exciting moment.

Nick took off this morning and went way up in the old horse pasture and wouldn't come to a call. He will be spending some hours in the outside run to remind him how very lucky he is to be a house dog with yard privileges.

Meanwhile, i would not have been outside in this lovely light if I hadn't had to go looking for him, but don't tell him I am grateful for all the birds I saw and the amazing contrasts and shadows.

Yesterday I took my little bit of Sunday morning off/Mother's Day down time and sat out next to the garden pond where the bird feeders are. I was astonished by the variety of birds that came right next to me to eat. I only got photos of a few, as they flew away if I moved to focus the camera, but tufted titmice, gold finches, white-breasted nuthatches, song sparrows, and of course my good buddies the chickadees came right up about six feet from me to eat. They were closer than the chickens will come.

It was cool.


lisa said...

I am so looking forward to the nice weather. I did the same this morning, went and checked fences and did some repairs. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The color and light are such, that I don't recognize the top bird. Maybe I wouldn't anyway not being a very good birder. Please tell me what it is.
Called the eye doctor today. They said I could drive the next day. No vacation for me!!!

NumberWise said...

I can attest to the "cool" factor!

A month or so I was at Northview. Threecollie had waited until I got there to fill the bird feeders. She gave me the scoop filled with sunflower seeds, and I stood near the feeders with it. How rewarding it is to have the chickadees come that close and eat out of the scoop! I'm smiling, even now, as I type this.

Thanks, 3C, for a bright memory!

Linda said...

Nice shots. I won't tell Nick if you won't tell Notshy......she's grounded too.