Thursday, May 05, 2011

Musical Cows

Yesterday we burned a CD for the barn, taking turns choosing what songs went on it. Thus it was downright eclectic and various.

This morning it was playing while we milked, early, because Liz and her BF had important commitments elsewhere.

Along about the end of the task the cows got to bellowing for their grain. They care nothing for our schedules and passionately about their own and it was TIME.

The CD player hangs in a window on my side so I turned it up.

And they turned it up.....the bellowing that is.

It was painful (can't grain them while we are milking or they will stomp all over us.)

We raced to get done so they could have breakfast and we could have sanity.

Then Sherry, by the Four Seasons came on the stereo.

Instant cessation of the mooing and hollering.

Only one cow let out a soft moo the whole time the song played.

Then as soon as the next one came on they were back at it.

Who knew that they were fans of the classics?


Jan said...

Don't i remember that being a screeching falsetto rendition? Maybe they wondered what creature was making that noise.

(Apologies to fans)

DayPhoto said...

You made me laugh!


dickiebo said...

Luv it!

Rev. Paul said...

Who knew cows liked Frankie Valli? I think that's great!

Floridacracker said...

You are surprised that cows have opinons about MOOOOSIC?

joated said...

Next time maybe you should let the cows pick their favorites.

Try some Sha Na next. Maybe they'll freak at Bowser.

Paul said...

I would try "Yakkity Yak" or maybe "Woolly Bully"! I be you call your cows with a high pitched "WOOooo" like most of us farmers do. Maybe that's what they thought they were hearing?

threecollie said...

Jan, oh, yeah, that is it exactly. lol

Linda, always glad to do so. lol

dickiebo, thanks

Rev. Paul it was amazing...last night we played the same CD and although they weren't hungry or anything the barn got real quiet again...weird

FC, I guess I shouldn't be, but I am sure surprised at their taste. lol


Paul, Alan says he has it all figured out. He always sings along with Sherry (and can hit the notes, isn't that sickening?) and he was a school. He says they had a moment of silence because they were missing conceit in his family or anything....

because he has it all. lol

Susan said...

Had to laugh. We raise pastured poultry, and over the course of our field season make several trips home from the post office with boxes full of 100+ LOUDLY peeping, 1-day old chicks. The only thing I've found that calms them to near silence is ANYTHING sung by Alan Jackson!

Pauline said...

A childhood friend used to belt out Volare while we milked and his cows would always quiet down for that tune, too!

threecollie said...

Susan, that is funny as heck...and as someone who has driven home with boxes of chicks a time or two, good to know. lol

Pauline, they do seem to like to hear people sing. They don't even mind me and I am pretty awful. Dancing on the other