Monday, May 16, 2011

Orange Upstart

As far as the cardinal is concerned this is HIS feeder. He is picking up sunflower seeds and shelling them, before tenderly feeding them to his lady love. What's up with this orange guy hanging around slurping up oranges with his girl friend? ******Photo taken through kitchen window so not too clear...and I can't stand very close to the window or they all fly away in a huff.****

Much excitement in the barn last night. Bama Breeze (still with us, FC, and a big, sweet, pet) had a gorgeous half-shorthorn heifer calf and brought it right down to the barn. The new baby is the color of rich, dark, mahogany with lots of bright, white bling to flash on feet and flanks. Right about now I am kinda wishing I hadn't given Bama to Alan.

Of course pseudo-mom and hard-working calf thief, Zinnia, decided that it was hers and raised holy Hell. Wouldn't come in the barn, charged the boss when he brought the baby in. Thrashed around like a fool in a frenzy running around and making us crazy, while Bama calmly followed her baby into the barn and behaved herself.

Then big Z began to bellow.

And bellow.

And bellow.

She stands in my string and is one of the first two cows I milk, so I got the full force of it...and you can hear a cow calling for miles. You can hear one real well for feet too....and I have to actually lean on her flank to put the milker on, so there weren't even feet between us. Ow, my poor ears! She cocked a leg at me menacingly when I went in to milk her.

And bellowed some more. Normally she really likes me (can't stand the boss) and is gentle as a great big dog. Last night it was hard to even get her attention so she wouldn't kick me. She really wanted that stolen calf.

She bawled all through milking. We tried playing Sherry, but even that didn't help...although when Liz sends me the cell phone video of the boss dancing to it in the barn aisle you are in for something...I am not sure exactly what...but something for sure.

By the time milking was over my head felt as if it was going to explode and it seemed as if we had milked a thousand cows.


If the federal government needs a good substitute for water boarding, all they have to do is come to the farm with a sound recorder and show Zinnia a calf. Add in Chrome, Liz's calf, who screams to be fed whenever she isn't eating (and she can eat as much as three full-grown cows I swear) and alleged terrorists would be falling all over themselves to confess..


joated said...

Ouch! My ears hurt just reading this.

Paintsmh said...

What can I say? Chrome is her grandma's daughter...At least Bling is silent about wanting to be fed...She understands the big sad I am hungry mommy bring me more to eat concept...And works it to her advantage...

Cathy said...

Better be alert. You just might be getting a call from the CIA ;-)
On the other hand, that 'does' sound like torture.

NumberWise said...

That's a wonderful photograph!

Linda said...

Bird politics! The house wrens arrived yesterday and there's a lot of them going on around here too.

threecollie said...

Joated, it was awful! We took ear plugs over last night as she is still at it, but they didn't help much

Liz, Chrome very pretty....but very loud

Cathy, I don't think anyone could hold out very long under the earslaught

NW, thanks! I wish it was clearer, but I was tickled to at least catch the colors

Linda, boy, they make a fuss, don't they? None here yet. we are way late on almost everything