Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Started these from seeds from my cactus two years ago.

I broke my stupid foot (smart foot is still fine...probably because it is smart.)

It hurts a bunch, but will not get me out of work...well it would, if I would but I won't.Last time I broke foot bones was the day the boss had an emergency appendectomy. That wasn't great either. Oh, well.

I am not smiling.


DayPhoto said...

Oh! MY GOODNESS! I'm so sorry! I wish I could run over and help!


Nursejoan said...

Golly jeez - what a bummer. :-( Meanwhile, take care with the smart foot!

Rev. Paul said...

Ow! Not good.

lisa said...

That is not good, you should let kids pamper you and do all the work! (but we both know that won't happen.

Jan said...

And here I was whining about a sprained toe.

Woodswalker said...

Oh No! And just as the storm clouds are passing. Good luck with your recovery.

June said...

OW! How'd y'do that???
...and welcome to the world of The Clumsy, if indeed that was a factor.

Cathy said...

OH Honey!!!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
How? How? How?
Makes me hurt just thinking about it.
Sorry :-(
Be good to yourself.

threecollie said...

Linda, you are so sweet! Thanks..

Nursej, sure wasn't a good time for it...and thanks

Rev. Paul, at least we had a pair of crutches in the closet

Lisa, well, I couldn't go to the barn last night, although I wanted to. Can't do mud on crutches. Hopefully it will heal pretty quickly. Thanks

WW, thanks!

June, clumsy exactly. No drama, just stepped wrong and snap

Cathy, thank you. I am finding out just how much I walk around every day and just how hard it is to carry a cup of coffee while using crutches. lol