Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something's Gotta Give

(Rudeness is not confined to humankind.
Witness Baja shoving Broadway off a particularly tasty patch of grass)

If you smack yourself in the mouth with the claw end of a hammer.

Prolly a tooth.

Yeah, the stall-building fiasco project went south yesterday. Way south. I was just charging up my iPod and planning a productive day of cleaning and getting plants planted when Alan walked in all bloody and broken. He had struck at a stubborn staple, embedded in old, dry, oak, and the hammer rebounded and whacked him dead on, right in the mouth.

So we spent the day in a far away city waiting for an emergency dentist to tell him he needs a special filling which will cost a bunch and which also has to wait until they can fit him in for it. Not very dramatic.

However..... We were sitting in the treatment room awaiting the doc, when screaming erupted in the waiting room. And I don't mean just a gentle little shrieking. I mean full force, F-bomb spewing outrage. The upshot of the edited version is that some lady (and I use that term loosely) brought her sister who had had a "procedure" earlier in the week. The latter was now in a lot of pain, nobody would talk to her on the phone, she was going to *&**** sue, she was going back to find the (*^&&& doctor (insert shoving match with office staff here) etc. etc. heavily laced with profanity that would curl your hair. Yow

I was honestly afraid and thought about closing and trying to lock the door on the room we were in. I had visions of weaponry beyond bad language and felt captive there in the little room.

I also had visions of tattooed, dyed, spiked and pierced scary people out there in that resounding waiting room, forcing their way back to shoot or otherwise inconvenience us.

Imagine my amazement when the "girls" in question managed to shove their way into the passage outside our door. They were probably a few years older than I am, perfectly coiffed, dressed conservatively in expensive clothes, and looked like grandmas on their way to the grocery store.

Dang, they sure didn't sound like grandmas. Or at least not mine. I felt terrible for the office staff and the other patients, some of whom I guess were as scared as I was. This was not just rudeness. You see rudeness. This was craziness. I later overheard the staff saying that they had had no phone calls and would have gotten the women care if asked. Just craziness.

Oh, well, it wasn't your usual dull wait for a doctor.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read of all this. Tell Alan to, as the English say, "Keep a stiff upper lip". Yeah, I know, but I couldn't resist! ;-)

Mappy said...


lisa said...

Oh that is horrible, poor Alan! I swear that kid of yours is accident prone. Hope he isn't in too much pain from it.

Linda said...

Ouch.........I feel for him.....teeth hurt and so does the cost of getting them fixed.

Dani said...

OUCH!!!!!!!! Poor guy.

joated said...

Did he at least get a neat scar out of it? Girls love scars! And he doesn't have to reveal the true means by which he acquired it. He can make up a story--maybe a duel or something. Or motorcylce racing! ;-)

No, really. I hope he's feeling less sore.

threecollie said...

JB, I will tell him. He will probably take your advice to heart, as it is mostly his lower lip that got "nailed" lol Thanks

Mappy, yeah, ouch about says it. That kid needs to slow down a little

Lisa, he is, he really is, always something!

Linda, smashed his lip too. Looks like he was fighting in an alley or something

Dani, yeah, he did a job on himself

Joated, lol, he might just have one on his lower lip

Cathy said...

Gee. Hope Alan is feeling ok. I guess you're somewhat used to the sight of blood, but somehow on one's kid . . .

As for that business at the dentists. Your instincts were very good. I'd probably ducked under a desk.

I think something is terribly broken with the culture. Terribly . .

threecollie said...

Cathy, I think he will be fine and thank you. After a while we laughed at the whole affair, but I was honestly afraid until I saw who was doing the pushing and shoving and yelling. And I sure do agree with you.

DayPhoto said...

Golly! How is Alan's mouth? Terrible to have to listen to all of that and not feel good at the same time.