Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I pause on the stair landing every morning and evening to look west and mark in my mind the weather, the weather to be, the heifers social life and whatever birds may be whipping across the yard to hit the feeder or popping up the drive searching for bugs or singing on the phone wire.

Last night the sky above the barn was dotted with a handful of stars.

After a relentless month or more of grey and gloom and rain and rotten weather I was stunned. I hollered down the stairs to the guys, who were still up that there were stars. Stars! Can you believe it?

And we actually had a nice day yesterday. Field work was done. The first hay was chopped, just a pile on a bale wagon to feed the heifers in the barn, but actual 2011 grass was harvested. GFs and BFs visited. Liz did a mighty cook out for supper (which turned out to be a cook in as the grill suffered some sort of fatal set back) and all in all it was for the most part a normal day.

Normal...not something we have seen much of lately. I would not mind a little more of that.


lisa said...

We had mom and dad up and it was a relaxing day finally!

Dani said...

I like normal. :)

LindaGay said...

WOW! First cutting of hay. You are ahead of us. I'm glad the weather held for you. HAY! YAY!


Anonymous said...

Normal is too often not considered wonderful. ;-)

threecollie said...

Lisa, sounded like you had a good time and I am glad of it. take care

Dani, me too and it is so rare these days, we oughta change its name

LG, well, it was just green chop for the barn and it is thundering again, but I am still grateful for it. lol

JB, I am getting to love normal and miss it when it is gone.