Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Substance Abuse

We got it. Nick went out this morning and rolled in something.

On a farm there is no lack of something, by the way.

My nose is curling up like a leaf in winter. Talk about nasty. I wasn't going to make him spend any time out in his kennel run this summer. He is getting old and has discovered being a good boy in the house...pretty much. However......

And look what is on the heifer barn roof! I think they smell him too.

(Actually there is a dead deer down on the road somewhere.....)


lisa said...

Gotta love it!

June said...

Dead deer'll do it.
The poodles' favorite roll-on is woodchuck poop.

Dani said...

oh no! Makes me glad sometimes that I don't have a sense of smell.

Michelle said...

Eewwwww. My old black lab used to do that... some dogs are just farm dogs at heart!

Floridacracker said...

Dead pilot whale may be the worse.
My old dog Buster found one on the beach when I was a teen and he was unapproachable afterwards.

Susan said...

There are somethings a good old dog just can't resist...hope he just rolled in it!

DayPhoto said...

AHHH! The wonders of a really good roll in something really nasty!


Linda said...

We have a smelly roller here too and one that drags afterbirth (she thinks of it as beef jerky) up on the lawn and tries to bury it in my flower beds:(

Cathy said...

What great pictures. He may be stinky but he's a sweetie. Awwww . . . :-)

threecollie said...

Lisa, I don't know what he found but man, was it ever foul!

June, could'a been. It was greyish and gummy and!

Dani, I could see that being a plus sometimes. Liz's boyfriend can't smell much either, due to silo gas.

Michelle, he has never done it before...sure hope it doesn't start a trend. lol

FC, oh, wow! Now that trumps anything the dogs might find here. I am thinking this might be a deer head that is residing up in an old shed waiting to be clean for antler display.

Susan, same here. So far so good, but I kept him crated most of the day, as opposed to being on the carpet in case anything came over him so to speak. lol

Linda, it was really, really nasty too. lol

Linda, yow! Fortunately Nick rarely has access to afterbirth, although when we had the old labs they loved to steal it.

Cathy, he is a dear old fella, but I sure am not hugging him these days